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Beverly Hills, CA - The very name of the ugly disease called heartworm tells dog owners this is a dangerous condition. This is a serious infestation of parasitic worms that get into a dog’s heart and which is transmitted through the bite of the mosquito. Here’s what dog owners need to know to protect their dogs.

WoofPost.Com - Heartworm In Dogs What You Must Know

Years ago, it was a common practice to give heartworm medication to dogs in just the warmer months when mosquitoes were out and about, especially in the Northern U.S. where winter temps presumably took away all risk for infection.

It’s true that the Southern regions of the U.S. have long been associated with the disease, but now heartworm has been reported in all fifty states and climate and environmental change has contributed to the spread of the disease. Plus, the transportation of shelter and rescue animals all over the country has likely contributed to the spread of heartworm disease as well.

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