Private Label SEO Reseller Offers White Label SEO Partnership Program in Phoenix and Los Angeles

Lucid Leverage LLC, based in Tempe, Arizona, has announced that they are offering a white label SEO partnership program to digital marketing agencies in Phoenix, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California. This program may help accelerate an agency’s growth by providing SEO services to existing clients. Lucid Leverage can help a digital marketing agency fast track its growth by providing them with an experienced SEO partner and help them grow their monthly residual income. Their SEO reseller program has been designed to be resold right out of the box. This means that the agency’s branding will be included in the monthly reports, including the agency’s logos, tag lines, and telephone numbers. And because the reports are available in various formats, the agency can style them any way they want it or resell them as is.

Chris Quintela, co-founder and co-owner of Lucid Leverage, says, “The Lucid Leverage private label SEO reseller program was designed with amazing customer service as our top priority. Our support team and SEO consultants are here to go above and beyond to help you expand your client offerings while helping you make more monthly residual income. Whether it’s helping you get more from your digital marketing campaigns or just answering any questions, you can depend on Lucid Leverage.”

He continues, “And for those who need help selling SEO, we create a professional testimonial video to help you attract clients & sell them SEO services by first delivering a tangible product. We also work with your team and give them the tools needed to introduce this superb SEO service to your clients. When you’re done, you’ll be able to confidently offer SEO to your client base and beyond.”

An SEO reseller takes action on behalf of the client. Thus, they will establish the business’ online presence in the same way as if it had been personally taken care of by the agency. In summary, SEO is the process of making the marketing campaign elements of a particular business more visible online. This process may be applied to the business website, to the business’ social media platforms, and also to the business’ off-line campaigns.

Lucid Leverage will not just focus on the business’ website but also on the business’ social media pages, such as the Facebook page, YouTube videos, and Twitter profile so that these will rank high and become more visible to online searchers. They will perform all the link building and ensure that the networks will remain hidden so that competitors will not be able to “backward engineer” the system when they see the business ranking high on Google searches.

Lucid Leverage is also a reputation management agency, which means that they can help the client’s business counteract any efforts by unscrupulous competitors trying to use bad reviews about the business to destroy the client’s reputation. It is quite common to have a disgruntled employee or an unscrupulous competitor who will try to use bad reviews to discredit the business. On the other hand, it may also be a legitimate customer but had unrealistic expectation about the product or service being provided.

Lucid Leverage will apply the most up-to-date technology to suppress such bad reviews so that they will no longer be found on the top of page of Google searches. In addition, they will take the business’ five star reviews and create Hollywood style videos to showcase the business’ happy and satisfied customers and boost the rankings of these videos to ensure that these will be found on the top page of the search engine results pages.

Lucid Leverage LLC is a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, online reputation management, YouTube marketing and social media marketing across the United States, UK, and Canada. They have been providing SEO services since 2005. Their team of SEO experts have been working with the biggest companies and the brightest minds in the Internet marketing and web hosting industry.

Those who have been searching for a white label SEO reseller may want to check out the Lucid Leverage LLC website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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