ManageByStats Introduces Change Log Feature

ManageByStats, management software for Amazon businesses, has introduced a Change Log feature to their tool suite. The Change Log can be used to note changes made to any aspect of an Amazon business, in order to see those changes in MBS when doing stats analysis. MBS provides tools focused on running an Amazon business, including automations and analytics. With the Change Log, noted changes are applied to graphs for rapid visualization of factors contributing to performance trends.

“Knowing what was going on that might’ve affected stats is vital,” says MBS CEO, Philip Jepsen. “Being able to see, directly on your graphs, changes or events for a given time period helps tremendously in evaluating the performance of your business.”

The Change Log categorizes events as having to do with the Seller Account, a particular Brand, Tag (a ManageByStats feature), or ASIN. Users then describe the event, and it will appear on graphs having to do with that item and covering the affected date range. In this way changes are seen directly on the graph for the period in which they occurred.

“Numbers don’t lie,” says Mister Jepsen, “and data drives decisions, but there can be extenuating circumstances behind any data. Awareness of changes that might’ve affected performance helps users apply that extra level of human oversight and understanding to the situation.”

For more info on the new MBS Change Log, please visit the ManageByStats site or contact the company directly. If interested parties have further questions, ManageByStats may be contacted directly by email.


For more information about ManageByStats, contact the company here:

Philip Jepsen, CEO
411 Cleveland Street, Suite 110
Clearwater FL 33755