Legacy Healing Center in Margate Releases New Article About PTSD & Substance Abuse

Margate Florida - Legacy Healing Center in Margate Florida with additional locations in Delray Beach, & Pompano Beach, recently published a new article on their website about the link between post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse.

June is PTSD Awareness Month and given the strong correlation between PTSD and substance abuse, raising awareness of PTSD, how it plays a role in addiction, and how treatment can help is especially relevant.

Studies show that individuals who have experienced psychological trauma often turn to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. Those struggling with PTSD may use substances to help them deal with the trauma they have experienced and cope with the symptoms associated with the disease.

PTSD is often associated with men and women who serve in the military. It is true that veterans are one of the groups of people hardest hit by the disease. However, anyone can suffer the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. Losing a loved one, experiencing assault or abuse, surviving a natural disaster, or suffering a serious accident can lead to PTSD.

First responders, like veterans, are another group that are highly susceptible to developing PTSD due to the frequent exposure to traumatic events experienced on the front lines. Firefighters, paramedics, and police are examples of first responders exposed to trauma in the line of duty.

Treatment for Addiction and PTSD is very common. It is often necessary for someone with PTSD to seek the support of a behavioral health professional to work through their trauma. When the individual has been using substances as a means to cope, seeking professional help becomes vital.

Fortunately, effective behavioral health treatment exists for individuals suffering from PTSD and addiction to substances. Legacy Healing Center’s First Responder program was designed by and for those who have served on the front lines and know firsthand how to deal with PTSD and its effects. PTSD Awareness Month

National PTSD Awareness Month is observed in June of each year. The month is dedicated to raising awareness about the condition and to encourage those suffering to seek treatment. June 27th is also National PTSD Awareness Day.

The experienced multidisciplinary team at Legacy Healing Center understands the struggles associated with co-occurring PTSD and addiction. The Legacy team works hand in hand with its patients to develop a holistic treatment plan that meets each individual’s recovery needs. The counselors at Legacy Healing Center provide the tools needed to overcome addiction by healing the deeper traumas that are so often at the root of substance abuse. For help with addiction, please call Legacy Healing Center today.


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