Glowing Review Lauds Roof.Net Effort On a Recent Re-roofing Project

A leading Fairfax, Virginia contractor, Roof.Net, has just received another highly favorable review from a customer. The company acknowledges that it takes great pride in these reviews and that’s why they like to share them. They state that these stellar reviews greatly reflect the philosophy of the company which is to provide exceptional roofing work combined with unparalleled customer service. This glowing review can be seen on the company’s Google Maps Listing here at

In the 5-star review mentioned above, satisfied customer Robert wrote, “Thank you Ken for an exceptional job re-roofing the entire house. The quote you provided listed all your materials WITH pictures... which I looked up online and confirmed were top corner-cutting. And I watched your workman closely, I'm not a roofer but they moved slowly and meticulously start to finish. Most importantly you were generous with your time, honest to your word in fixing those gooseneck fixtures, and repainting as you promised, and all the advice you gave throughout the project put my mind at ease. Thank you for giving me no regrets!”

This is not by any means the only 5-star rating that this reputable roofing contactor had posted about their services on their Google Maps Business Listing. At present, they have had some 409 reviews that have been left on the company there. When these reviews are averaged out the company scores an unprecedented 5 out of a possible 5-stars. That is unchartered waters for many companies that are involved in a service orientated business. Here is another 5-star review that’s taken from this same Google Maps Business Listing in which Allen B states, “Amazing service, quality work, and awesome communication by Mr. Ken. The crew was great! They work fast and are very clean. I recommend this Roofing company with both thumbs up! Best of luck to Mr. Ken and his amazing crew. God bless you Mr. Ken for the way that you conduct your service. Thank you.”

There is even a YouTube video that has been made which talks about this roofing contractor’s exceptional reviews and the other accolades that they have received. This video can be seen here at

The company owner, Ken Briesemeister, says, “It’s no secret that the amount of exceptional reviews that we have received on our Google Maps Listing is a great source of pride for us at the company. These reviews show that the way we run our business with a more personal approach when combined with an outstanding work ethic really works. It also makes it much more enjoyable for my crews, my support staff, and myself to come to work every day. We at Roof.Net pledge to our Fairfax area customers that we will continue conducting our roofing services in a manner that sets us apart from the competition.”

It’s not surprising that the company’s latest 5-star review was received after completing a re-roofing project. Briesemeister acknowledged that this is one of their signature roofing services and that his crews are very experienced at doing it. He also said that it’s a service that involves a lot more than just putting down a new layer of shingles or another type of roof covering as many people think. The company owner stated that all of their re-roofing projects start with a thorough inspection. This inspection helps them plan their jobs better and will also reveal if a roof has any structural problems that need to be addressed. He says that after that inspection is done, he will then provide the customer with an accurate estimate that details the steps that will be taken to complete a customer’s re-roofing project. Briesemeister says that these large size roofing jobs usually also involve replacing the insulating underlayment and the installation of new leak preventing flashing around chimneys and roof vents too. He says that’s the only way to make sure that the re-roofing jobs they do will provide a watertight home covering that lasts well into the future.

The company owner says that other types of roofing projects that they typically take on include attic vent installation, roof leak detection services, and large and small size roof repairs. Briesemeister says that for those who are looking for more information on his company’s highly-rated roofing services, they can visit their website which can be found at


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