Families Laugh and Dance Frustrations Away

SANTA BARBARA, CA (Viz Release) June 15, 2020 - - Millions of parents worldwide are facing the unusual challenge of being cooped up with their kids for weeks on end. How can they make the best out of the situation? Is it possible to stay optimistic in the face of such uncertainty?

Dr. Mac, child psychologist and award-winning PBS songwriter

Enter Dr. Mac, child psychologist and award-winning PBS songwriter. He has written and produced We Can Make It, a high energy song that helps families laugh and dance away their frustrations while planting powerful seeds of hope for the future.


This concept and song came to him through powerful inspiration and quickly coalesced into a major production with fourteen highly talented singers and musicians of all ages-right here in Hollywood's back yard.

The song, lyrics and a companion video of the performers are all free and ready to download at Happy Kids Videos.

Dr. Mac's goal is that this inspirational anthem will ignite a movement and celebration of resilience, creativity and oneness. Give a quick listen in order to fully appreciate this gift to families everywhere.

-Dr. Mac is a child psychologist specializing in creative projects for young children. Music director and songwriter for the PBS hit, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, he's written and produced Happy Kids Songs, an award-winning series of over fifty songs and activities that help boost character, social and emotional skills.

Co-author of highly acclaimed parenting books, his online course, Parenting Spirited Strong-Willed Kids, has been attended by hundreds of parents in over fifty countries. He's also recently completed the script and music for an award-winning play, Elementary School Musical.  Packed with humor, mystery and surprise, the story taps into a variety of challenging themes for kids today.