Dispensary Prepares for Denver Cannabis Delivery with Value Pricing

As Denver marijuana dispensaries wait for delivery authorization from the city, one of the area’s leading dispensaries is changing things up. Emerald Fields is preparing for cannabis delivery with value pricing on their most popular products.

Based in Glendale, Colorado, Emerald Fields cannabis dispensary has reduced their prices to $99 per ounce out-the-door and 19.99/eights – Level 10, with up to 4 strains available. Their Mix and Match Ounce is 50 percent off the retail price, excluding all specials. Customers can also choose any assortment of eight full-priced eighths and receive 50 percent off.

Emerald Fields is one of the most trustworthy and engaged cannabis brands in the state of Colorado. As the dispensaries in the state look to the on-coming delivery business, Emerald Fields is positioning itself to be a preferred provider of cannabis products for delivery. Customers can currently shop and order online and pick up in-store, or visit in person for a guided experience through a range of price points to meet their budget. The free Emerald Fields loyalty program offers discounts with every visit, including the first visit.

A spokesperson for the company says, “Emerald Fields is a cannaboutique, where a relaxed lifestyle meets exceptional service. We’re as mainstream as any great retail experience. We want you to be comfortable and not intimidated. Retail cannabis is a 'new world' for many first time shoppers looking to embrace the vibe. For the more experienced aficionados, we have everything you’ll ever need. We believe in having the most knowledgeable, experienced ambassadors to help guide you through the store to make a smooth, informed decision. Our customer commitment will not change even with the changes that may result from delivery in Colorado."

Emerald Fields' products include flower, edibles, gear, and extracts, as well as vape, pre-roll, topical, and tincture products. Located at 4182 E Virginia Ave, Glendale, Colorado, they are open 10:00 am to 12:00 am, every day of the week. Learn more at emeraldfields.com.

Examples of flower products include the Sativa Ghost Train Tangie, Hybrid Guptilla, Hybrid Gushers, Hybrid Tahoe Alien, Hybrid White 99, Hybrid Golden Goat, Hybrid Guicy G, Hybrid MAC, Hybrid Member Berry, Hybrid Mint Mango, and Indica Wedding Cake.

Examples of edible products include the BlueKudu bonbons 100mg CBD/100mg THC, BlueKudu Black Cherry & Dark Chocolate 300mg CBD/10mg THC, BlueKudu Cherry + Almond Chocolates 100mg 20 pk, BlueKudu Coffee Crunch + Dark Chocolate 100mg, BlueKudu Cookie Bits White Chocolate 100mg 20pk, BlueKudu Dark Chocolate 100mg, BlueKudu Thin Mint Cookies 100mg, BlueKudu Northern Lights Milk Chocolate 100mg, BlueKudu Milk Chocolate 100mg 20pk, BlueKudu Toffee Almond Milk Chocolate 100mg, CannaPunch Black Cherry Fusion beverage 100mg, CannaPunch Grand Daddy Grape beverage 100mg, CannaPunch Pineapple Mango Delight beverage 100mg, Canyon Cultivation Caramel Apple lick it sucker 10mg CBD/10mg THC, and Canyon Cultivation Boysenberry lick it sucker 10mg.

Gear products available from Emerald Fields include the Airo Pro Graphite rechargeable vaporizer, Airo Pro Indigo rechargeable vaporizer, Airo Pro White rechargeable vaporizer, Elements rolling papers, Emerald Fields portable vaporizer – battery - metal black, Klear Kryptonite multi purpose cleaner, Pax vaporizer, Puffco vaporizer, Raw rolling papers, Smokebuddy personal air purifier, Vuber portable vaporizer, Zig Zag rolling papers, Pipe Screen, Butane, and Herb grinder.

Vape products from Emerald Fields include the Evolab 1:1 CBD Casey Jones alchemy cartridge, Evolab 1:1 CBD Strawberry Banana alchemy cartridge, Evolab Blueberry chroma cartridge, Evolab Chroma Hybrid cartridge, Evolab Hybrid Granola Funk alchemy cartridge, Evolab Grape Dreams co2lors all-in-one, Evolab Strawberry Lemonade co2lors cartridge, Evolab Sweet Melon chroma cartridge, Evolab Sweet Melon co2lors all-in-one, Green Dot Labs Cocktail Flight FSE cartridge, Green Dot Labs Crescendo FSE cartridge, Green Dot Labs Dessert Basket FSE cartridge, Green Dot Labs Petrol Flights cartridge, and Green Dot Labs Sour Flight cartridge pack.

Extracts include the 710 Labs Biesel live badder, 710 Labs Do-Lato live badder, 710 Labs Grease Monkey live badder, Concentrated Love African Mango shatter, Concentrated Love Giesel whip wax, Concentrated Love Wild Thai whip wax, Concentrated Love Wild Thai shatter, Evolab chroma refill kit, Green Dot Labs Blue Apricot live badder, and Green Dot Labs Crescendo full spectrum extract.


For more information about Emerald Fields | Glendale Recreational Dispensary, contact the company here:

Emerald Fields | Glendale Recreational Dispensary
General Manager
(303) 377-1501
Emerald Fields | Glendale Recreational Dispensary
4182 E Virginia Ave
Glendale, CO 80246