Delta Legal Funding Teams Up with Infintech Designs to Build Website that Will Benefit Communities

Florida-based Delta Legal Funding and Infintech Designs - Web Design & SEO Company are pleased to announce their partnership to extend a professional helping hand to the community in the most efficient way possible.

The collaboration between the two companies was a result of extensive dialogue and hard work, driven by their desire to benefit community members. Specifically, both companies seek to show this support by helping clients or plaintiffs in need of pre-settlement funding, in a manner that is reliable, convenient, and accessible.

According to Delta Legal Funding, their ultimate goal is to offer a service that Americans can rely on during their time of need.

“The funds we secure for our clients range anywhere from $500 up to $100,000, depending on the specific details and circumstances of their case. We can process applications, approve and offer the money within 24 hours, guaranteeing that our clients can set things in motion and begin working on their case as soon as possible," a representative from the company said.

Moreover, the legal funding company assured that the requirements to apply for the pre-settlement funding program are minimal in nature, not requiring credit or an employment check from applicants. The company only gets paid if the client wins the case, protecting them against situations where they would fall into debt if they do not secure financial compensation.

Meanwhile, a representative from Infintech Designs, premier web design and SEO company said that when Delta Legal Funding reached out to them with a proposal to build and handle their website, they just couldn’t say no.

"Once they explained that this site would help members of the community receive the funding and support that they need, it was clear that we needed to work with them.”

Infintech added that while the site is still under construction, it will be a space that is easy to navigate and understand, containing all of the information a client may need to know about Delta Legal Funding’s partners and services. Aside from creating a functional and safe online platform, the website will utilize Search Engine Organization (SEO) in order to reach as many people as possible, helping them connect with a company that is ready to provide assistance during their time of need.

As an established name in the web design and SEO industry, Infintech stressed that in today’s digital and online world, a company’s website is responsible for roughly 83% of their new clients. This positions brands as an authority on the industry in question, encouraging visitors to take action and converting these increasing numbers into sales, leads, and phone calls.

Prospective clients anywhere in the United States can expect Delta Legal Funding's website running at full speed within the next few weeks. Through this site, the company promises to connect plaintiffs in need of pre-settlement funding to get ahead on their case. Unlike more traditional sources of cash advances or financial aid programs, this service comes with no hidden fees or other strings attached.

More details on Infintech Designs’ services can be found on its website. Interested parties may visit the site and fill out a contact form for inquiries. Additionally, both companies can be reached through their official social media pages.


For more information about Delta Legal Funding, contact the company here:

Delta Legal Funding
301 W 41st St #505
Miami Beach, FL 33140