Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy Introduces Their Free Online Wellness Courses Portal

Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy (CRSMT) has just announced that it will now be offering a free online wellness course portal. This new online portal is dedicated to overall health and wellness training that goes beyond that of the school’s traditional massage therapy and yoga instruction. These new online offerings from CRSMT will help the school remain the premier study abroad program in the world for Massage Therapy.

Director of Admissions, Tammy McGee, says, “We here at CRSMT have always viewed massage therapy and yoga as integral parts of an overall wellness regimen for people. Our new online courses will expand our student’s knowledge into other areas that are also considered by many to be important therapies that make excellent additions to any individual's wellness routine. These online courses will be designed and taught by some of the foremost professionals in their respective wellness areas. Best of all, each course that’s found in our online wellness portal will be offered completely free of charge.”

McGee says that the school will start by offering online courses in five popular areas of overall wellness training. This includes a course on the ‘Introduction to Five Element Theory: New Perspectives with Traditional Chinese Medicine’. It’s taught by Sandra K. Anderson who has a BA, and certification in massage therapy, shiatsu, and Thai massage. This is in addition to this 25-year bodywork educator running a successful practice and authoring several books on various wellness subjects. The admissions director stated that this course is centered on the most important theories of traditional Chinese medicine; this type of traditional medicine thinking has been around for over 5000 years and still forms the basis of many modern wellness practices. Another online wellness course offering that those at the school expect to be very popular is ‘Harmony Meditation’ that’s taught by Cordelia McKusick. This type of wellness therapy seeks to give people a vehicle to achieve a balanced harmonic resonance within themselves. Other offerings that are now available in the online wellness courses portal include ‘Healing Tree Chakra Meditation’, ‘Restorative MFR Yoga’, and ‘Yoga And Ayurveda, Sister Sciences: A Talk and Demonstration’.

Director of Education, Beverley Giroud, believes that the more well-rounded types of knowledge that their students possess, the better equipped they are to pursue excellent employment opportunities in the massage therapy field. McGee added that they expect to add even more online wellness course offerings very soon. She also mentioned that they will also remain very flexible as to the types of wellness topics that they will center any new online courses around. The school even welcomes suggestions from their students as to what types of wellness courses they would be interested in taking as part of the online portion of CRSMT’s curriculum. The director of admissions stated that those who are interested in improving their overall wellness knowledge can view more specific details about the school’s online course offerings here at

McGee stated that they will still be offering some wellness courses at the school too in addition to their core massage therapy training program. The CRSMT main program is designed to prepare students to successfully pass the United States National Licensure Exam (MBLEX). Individuals who pass this exam are then qualified to pursue the many lucrative career opportunities available to Massage Therapists in the United States and elsewhere. She says that their unique Costa Rica Massage program was designed specifically for English-speaking students who wish to study massage abroad in a beautiful, exotic, and natural environment. Their curriculum is fully endorsed by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) and the school is proud to be a member of both the American Massage Therapy Association and the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education.


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