Burnsville MN Deck Builders Announce the Highly Anticipated Launch of Their New Website

UglyDeck.com is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved website. This Burnsville, Minnesota-based deck builder and supplier acknowledged that it took a lot of effort on their behalf to get to this point, but the results were worth it. They now can boast having a new website that’s much simpler to navigate around in and is visually pleasing. This new website reflects the company’s longstanding commitment to helping make their customers experience when working with them a very pleasant one.

The company owner, Bill Barton, says, “We had several goals in mind when we set out to create our new website. It all started by the staff at our company coming together as a team to offer input as to what we thought we needed to include in our new website that would significantly improve it over the old version. We also sought outside help from some of our area’s most reputable professional web designers. Needless to say, we could not be happier with the results. Our new website looks great and customers can now quickly navigate to the specific deck building and supply information that they need. So far we have received nothing but rave reviews from our customers that have experienced using the new website.”

Burnsville MN Deck Builder

Bill says that there were certain areas of the new website that they really wanted to concentrate on more than others. He admits that they were not happy with the look and feel of the old company website, so they went to great lengths to make the new website much better in this respect. To accomplish this, they added more vibrant colors to the web pages and laid out the text in a way that was easy to read and not overbearing. He stated that they also added just the right amount of carefully selected photos to highlight the information that was given in the text. There were also significant improvements made to the drop-down menu portion of the new website for easy navigation.

The company spokesperson for UglyDeck.com - MN Deck Builders says that over the years the company has also started to place a bigger emphasis on the DIY side of their deck building business and they wanted the new website to better reflect that too. It now highlights this aspect of the business more by having a dedicated menu section. Here their customers can more easily now shop for and get information on the different decking supplies that the company carries. They have even added a convenient new DIY Deck Materials Estimator. He says that their customers can use this to get a good ballpark estimate as to what they need to budget to complete any DIY deck project. Another area of emphasis according to Bill was to improve their image galleries. They wanted to add more variety to their images to help get their customers’ creative juices flowing as to all of the possibilities that they could envision their new custom deck having.

Bill also wanted to remind people that if someone wants a custom-built deck that there is still time to talk to the company about getting that done for them. They build custom designed decks throughout Minnesota and in select areas of North and South Dakota too. The company’s deck building services are also highly rated by those that have taken advantage of them. In a 5-star review that was taken from the company’s Google Maps Listing, Jane Sullivan says, “Ugly Deck did our deck makeover in two days! We chose maintenance free decking and it’s beautiful! The crew was so professional and their work was outstanding! Great job Nick, Brandon, Connor & Louis! I would highly recommend Ugly Decks!”


Bill Barton also stated that at the same time they were creating the new website, they also made big improvements to their UglyDeck.com - Facebook page. It too now provides a more informative and visually pleasing experience for those that view it. The improved Facebook page also offers more ways than before to quickly contact the company, such as through the use of this popular social media provider’s built-in messenger service.


For more information about UglyDeck.com, contact the company here:

Bill Barton
(952) 736-3308
12277 Nicollet Ave
Burnsville, MN 55337