Why it pays to Choose Simply Leak Detection an Enumclaw Water Leak Detection Service

About Simply Leak Detection Specialists

Water leaks are expensive and pose danger to health and the environment. The symptoms of a water leak are high water bills, low water pressure, running water sounds, a water meter that never stops, and the appearance of wet areas in the property. Simply Leak Detection has a successful track record of conducting water leak detection. To prevent high digging and related costs, Simply Leak Detection offers a non-invasive detection method that saves time and money. Their customers stand out as the best service advocates.

They appreciate the water technician's knack to locate leaks within a short time and provide professional services. The staff is also widely touted for being friendly and courteous. Established in 2011, the company is insured, licensed, and registered. Simply Leak Detection is an AWWA member and holds a 2012 Angie's List Super Service Award. Michael Fend is the company owner and operator. He has located close to 500 leaks every year since 2010. Mike prefers to work with clients directly and is focused on delivering the best service.

Simply Leak Detection Services

Besides a steep rise in the water bills, leaks are a serious concern as they can cause serious property damage. Structural damages can occur if the problem is left undetected and unrepaired. The complete Simply Leal Detection water leak detection services feature slab leak detection, underground water leak detection, residential plumbing leak detection, plastic water pipe locating, and irrigation leak detection.

For residential homes experiencing high water bills, Simply Leak Detection is always keen to assist homeowners, and local water bureaus comb through the home and compound to locate leaking pipes. Most residential water leaks can be traced to the sink underside, faucets, and toilet plumbing fixtures. Commercial property owners will be happy to know that the local leak detectors are well trained to take care of all underground leaks.

In their assessment, leaks on commercial properties mostly occur due to poor material and ground movement. The company's leak detection services are trusted by businesses in Enumclaw and surrounding areas for being reliable. Plumbers that need a water leak specialist near me can rely on Simply Leak Detection to offer non-invasive leak detection and locating service. The company enjoys several high-billed plumber endorsements.

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Simply Leak Detection is located at 718 Griffin Avenue #147, Enumclaw, WA, 98022, USA. Their phone contact is 360-615-9413. The residential and commercial leak experts have the knowledge and training to locate leaks from any location, including hard-to-find areas. They serve Enumclaw, Seattle, Vancouver, Olympia, Tahoma, and the Oregon Service Area.