Viviane Woodard Skincare Provides World-Class Skincare Products with Its Proprietary Water-Based Formula

The USA - In the entertainment world, the standards for beauty and skincare products used by performers are very rigorous because it is essential to have radiant, beautiful skin at all times. Viviane Woodard Skincare has not only remained true to the demands of this industry for over 60 years but has also used all the progress in cosmetics research to set new standards in terms of consistency and quality, in addition to manufacturing world-class products accessible to everyone.

Viviane Woodard Skincare is a leading skincare specialist headquartered in Clayton, WA, in business since 1958. Its research chemists pioneered an extraordinary moisturizing process called Vita-moisturizing. Unlike many oil-based formulas, this water-based solution provides the skin with all the moisture it needs to stay radiant and beautiful all day long. Its three-step skincare program brings real water to dry, thirsty skin and rehydrates cells by infusing them with fresh moisture. Viviane Woodard's development laboratories continue to lead the industry and offer exceptional products that truly benefit the skin.

"Viviane Woodard has a proven history of dynamic skincare products, beauty-enhancing cosmetics, and a unique fragrance. For over 64 years, we have developed, produced, and sold tens of thousands of customers remarkable skincare and cosmetics that truly improve complexions and enhance beauty-no matter what age, no matter what condition." Said the representative for Viviane Woodard regarding the quality of their services.

This award-winning company offers a variety of products, including anti-aging, body care, cleansers/toners, eye treatments, fragrances, exfoliators, masks, moisturizers, and the Hyaluronic Cellular Recovery(TM) AHA Serum (Alpha Hydroxy), and more. Other than skincare, the company features a makeup line with products for eyes, brows, cheeks, lips and face.

All its products are manufactured in the United States and are also endorsed by the FDA and the OTC. Being a responsible company committed to the environment, Viviane Woodard never tests on animals, which has led her to be part of the PETA program, Global Beauty Without Bunnies.

Moreover, Viviane Woodard understands the unique challenges of gluten sensitivity and its various effects, such as dry lips and skin. That's why her products are made with the best vegan and gluten-free ingredients, which makes them much more adaptable and beneficial for all skin types.

While there are a variety of water-based products on the market, it is precisely the purification process that sets Viviane Woodard Skincare products above their competitors and sets new standards in the industry. Thousands of women have preferred these products for many years, and their prestige and reliability have only increased over time.

Those looking for premier skincare products such as the Enriched Water Based Moisturizer may visit Viviane Woodard's website to order some of their featured products. The company is headquartered in Clayton, WA. For inquiries, contact the company at 1-800-423-3600.

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