Tulster is Making a Big Impact in the World of Concealed Carry Gun Holsters

Tulster is Making a Big Impact in the World of Concealed Carry Gun Holsters Keep Your Firearm Secure With A Comfortable Holster

Jenks, OK, (September 15, 2021) - Tulster (https://tulster.com/) has been pushing the limits of the Kydex holster for almost a decade. While other companies may have settled with their products, Tulster has constantly been innovating and updating their designs and processes since the very beginning, and it shows no signs of slowing down soon. With multiple new holster designs in the works, Tulster is known for their ability to embrace change and continually adapt so that they can provide the best range of holsters on the market today.

Tulster began as a mere hobby. The founder, Justin Courtney, dissatisfied with other holsters on the market, developed an interest in creating a holster for himself. He created the first prototype in November, 2012 for a Sig Sauer P938.

"Although a complete failure, it laid the foundation for something much better. Through trial, error, and lots of Kydex, the Profile Holster was born." - Justin Courtney, founder of Tulster.

Never afraid of embracing mistakes, the initial experience came to represent the approach Tulster quickly adopted. "It's okay to make mistakes, experiments can lead to awesome products!"

Interest in the company accrued via word of mouth and across Facebook. The Tulster website went live shortly after in 2013, with Courtney himself continuing to experiment and hand-craft the holsters out of a two-car garage. In 2015, the operations were moved to a shop building in Jenks, Oklahoma.

Today, Tulster provides a keenly and deliberately chosen selection of gun holsters, designed for a range of gun models. Rather than offering hundreds of holsters for every firearm model on the market, "quality over quantity" has been the driving statement for the company's offering of models. By narrowing their focus, they've been able to spend more time on the R&D process of each holster, ensuring the best fitment, and most comfortable design.

Concealed Gun Holsters Offered By Tulster

Tulster prides themselves on their constantly innovating selection of firearm holsters, magazine carriers, and other EDC solutions. At this time, they offer two distinct IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster series. Firstly, is the original Profile Holster (tulster.com/profile), a low profile, easy-on/easy-off IWB holster. The original holster offering from Tulster, the Profile is what built Tulster, and gave them the reputation for high-quality handmade products.

The Profile Holster is deceptively simple, yet it isn't difficult to see why it has become so popular with concealed carry carriers in such a short time. With a focus on minimal material and simplicity, the Profile Holster features no unnecessary material or clunky hardware. The hand-finished edges of the Kydex and the custom CNC milled cut paths keep the holster completely secure and encased in the Kydex, while remaining incredibly comfortable.

This model is available for a handful of firearms from various manufacturers. This includes holsters for some of the most well-known brands, like Sig Sauer, M&P, Glock, Ruger, and Springfield Armory, as well as newer and lesser-known but highly impressive brands, such as H&K, Taurus, FN, CZ-USA, and more. They also offer a handful of light-bearing models, which contain a handful of lights and lasers from Streamlight, like the Streamlight TLR-6 for the Shield 9/40, the Glock 43/43X, and the Sig Sauer P365.

The other Inside the Waistband holster is the OATH (tulster.com/OATH), the highly concealable, ultra-secure holster. The newest IWB offering from Tulster, the OATH (Optic-Ready, Ambidextrous, Tuckable Holster), was released in 2020. A complete shift in focus and design from the Profile, the OATH was developed in response to customers looking for a more advanced holster offering. With a tuckable clip and a preinstalled ModWing, the OATH offers the highest level of concealment from Tulster.

It carries over the low-profile design with minimal material, and is, like all Tulster products, made in the heart of Oklahoma by their hard-working production team. Featuring small, but crucial changes to the design, the OATH covers an entirely different field of every day carry enthusiasts, and helps bridge the gap between new carriers and experts. The OATH is available for a smaller selection of models than the Profile is, but the list is ever-expanding, with five new models having been added in the month of August, including the Taurus GX4, the Ruger Max 9, the highly requested Canik TP9 Elite SC, and the Walther PDP. Those who are interested in seeing Tulster offer a model that they currently don't can visit tulster.com/request to get their model onto the request list.

Expand Your Everyday Carry Kit with Tulster!

In addition to some of the top-rated concealed carry gun holsters on the market, Tulster has manufactured a number of other Kydex-based firearm accessories. This includes the Echo Mag Carrier (tulster.com/echo), an innovative universal magazine carrier, which has taken the world of concealed carry by storm. Thanks to the innovative Patented MRD (Mag Retention Device), customers can adjust the retention level with the included allen wrench. More importantly, they can adjust the MRD to allow for the fitment of a wide variety of magazines from various firearm manufacturers.

Recent micro-compact firearms, which have taken the CC world by storm, like the P365, Hellcat, Max 9, and Shield Plus, all feature "staggered stack" magazines. Other universal magazine carriers struggled to accommodate these new stack and a half magazines, but the Tulster Echo Carriers easily and securely accepts them.

In 2020, Tulster also began offering Delta Trays, an aesthetic EDC (everyday carry) dump tray, which is the perfect gift for any firearm owner or EDC enthusiast.

Some of the other concealed carry and EDC items users will find on the Tulster site include the NeoMag magnetic pocket magazine carrier, a number of lights and lasers from Streamlight and Sig Sauer, firearm accessories like Night Sights, and even ultra-strong sturdy EDC belts, like the Aegis Belt from Ares Gear.

Contact Tulster for More Information

Tulster is located in Jenks, Oklahoma. Their friendly and experienced customer service team is happy to answer queries. Please find the media contact below for you to direct your questions.