This Little Piggy Ultrasound, An Altoona Ultrasound Clinic, is Offering Exclusive Services in Altoona, IA

Altoona, IA - This Little Piggy Ultrasound is a clinic offering different services to expectant parents. Besides providing a wide range of services, it provides a cozy, warm and comfortable space for the mom-to-be -- together with family and friends -- as they see the child. The clinic is also home to knowledgeable and trained professionals.

The ultrasound clinic near Altoona is now offering a wide range of services. One of the key services provided to patients is gender determination. The clinic uses SneakPeek Clinical technology to tell the gender of the child. This service detects the gender as early as seven weeks, thanks to PCR technology. It accurately identifies the presence or absence of the Y chromosome in the mother's blood. In addition to the technology being accurate, it is a full venipuncture. So, the service is administered by a phlebotomist, a trained and knowledgeable professional. They also answer the patient's questions with the understanding that this is a newer way of finding the gender of a child.

Besides using the PCR technology, the clinic offers more services to patients interested in gender ultrasound in Altoona. Depending on the package, the mom-to-be can hear and see the baby's heartbeat in the ultrasound session. Also, the clinic offers DNA gender tests as a package. Under the special package, the clinic sends the results the next day, even if it is a weekend. If the patient is interested in ad-on services such as seeing the baby move, the clinic offers the service while drawing blood. Like the other services offered by This Little Piggy Ultrasound, patients are free to ask any questions to the licensed phlebotomist.

In addition to scans, DNA tests, and gender determination, This Little Piggy gives the patient black and white prints. The clinic also sends all the session recordings and pictures to the mom-to-be as soon as they are ready. These recorded memories are a form of documentation to the patient, and the clinic strives to capture them in the best way possible. If the patient is interested in another service, after a few months, they automatically qualify for an offer. However, it must be the same pregnancy for them to use the coupon.

Besides videos and prints, the clinic offers gender reveal items to the patients. The clinic also offers pieces of jewelry ranging from rings, bracelets to necklaces. The choice of the jewelry depends on the mom-to-be's preference and personality. The personalized items are another way family and friends can be part of the pregnancy journey.

Interested patients can call the clinic at (515) 661-4028 to talk to the team regarding any of its services. The clinic is at 1003 8th Street Southwest Suite K, Altoona, IA 50009. Check the website for more information about their services.