The Clark Law Office, A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Lansing, Is Offering Exclusive Legal Representation to Clients Pursuing Personal Injury Claims in Lansing, MI

Lansing, MI: The Clark Law Office now offers exclusive legal representation to clients pursuing personal injury claims in Lansing and other parts of Michigan. The personal injury lawyer assists the client in every aspect of the case, such as collecting witness statements and conducting reconstruction investigations. These two activities play a huge role in the compensation process. The insurance company is more likely to quote a compensation value based on the witness statements and quality of the investigations. The firm is also actively involved in hiring and paying relevant experts to bring a professional perspective on the case, increasing the chances of a better settlement.

The Clark Law Office also works with the experts. It uses the available evidence to build theories of negligence and relooks at the evidence to develop arguments to support the client's claim. After submitting the claim to the insurance company to start settlement negotiations, the attorney assists the client in handling communications and, if necessary, organizes medical records and bills on behalf of the client. Also, the firm offers advisory services, especially on key things. For example, the team assists the client with tips such as balancing their recovery and how to proceed in each step towards compensation. If the compensation attempts are unsuccessful, either due to a low compensation offer or lack of goodwill from the other party, the firm represents the client in the lawsuit. They present the evidence before a judge or jury for consideration.

In addition to having systems that simplify the processes for the clients, the firm assists clients in pursuing compensation after auto accidents, motorcycle, and truck accidents. While the three practice areas are closely related, the lawyers employ different methods to preserve as much evidence as possible and ensure the client gets the needed medical attention as soon as possible. Also, The Clark Law Office car accident lawyer assists clients in understanding different aspects such as where to begin, especially if they have never interacted with personal injury lawyers.

The firm also represents clients seeking compensation after medical malpractice and other cases such as workers' compensation and social security in Michigan. In case of new developments, the attorneys advise clients on the best cause of action, especially if the other party is non-responsive. They also give honest evaluation and tips on what to do in the next stages.

For quality legal representation on personal injury claims, interested clients can call the team at (517) 575-8131. The Clark Law Office is located at 910 W Ottawa St, Lansing, MI, 48915. Check the website for more information.