Surgical Migraine Clinic is the Number One Headache & Migraine Treatment Center in Miami Beach, FL

Miami Beach, FL - Clinical migraines are a disabling condition affecting up to 37 million Americans. Until now, the condition has only been treated with pharmacological treatment that only offers a temporary solution. However, thanks to recent advances in the medical field, patients now have access to a surgical procedure that is highly effective in the treatment of migraines, in many cases eliminating the condition or significantly reducing headaches.

Surgical Migraine Clinic is a specialized center in Miami Beach, FL, operated by a leadership team of three renowned medical practitioners with vast experience in their field. Dr. Aizik Wolf is one of the world's leading authorities in neurosurgery and has been practicing for over 35 years. Dr. Gabriel Salloum is a double-board certified surgeon and one of the finest talents in the field of reconstructive and plastic surgery, and Dr. Steven Resnick is a leading neurologist who specializes in the treatment of migraines. These practitioners combine years of hands-on experience helping patients treat their migraines through successful and innovative treatments such as BOTOX(R), surgical procedures, or other medical treatments.

"As a highly skilled and experienced team, we offer you the latest and most comprehensive migraine treatments. We are dedicated to providing outstanding patient care and the best in comfort and satisfaction while upholding the highest standards of medical excellence." Said the representative for the headache doctor Miami regarding their patient-oriented approach.

Surgical Migraine Clinic specializes in a variety of headache types, mostly primary headaches, migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, exertion headaches, cold-induced headaches, etc. Most patients with a confirmed diagnosis of migraine headaches or chronic daily headaches are eligible for surgical migraine relief. The selection is made by a neurologist and after the failure of conservative medical treatment. While the full recovery period after surgery may vary from person to person, patients can expect only a few days of downtime, with surgical success being reflected almost immediately.

After determining eligibility, during the first consultation, the skilled professionals at the Migraine Surgical Clinic take the time to discuss with their patients their migraine medical history, pain points, and ultimate goals. Once the trigger points are established, the physician will make an accurate diagnosis to determine the ideal option for patients.

With experts in neurosurgery and plastic surgery on its team, Surgical Migraine Clinic is committed to offering patients the best possible results in both beauty and science. Its specialists strive to maximize relief and minimize scarring. Some patients even take advantage of their time in the OR to have some cosmetic procedures done under a single anesthetic, including brow lift, facelift, and upper eyelift.

Chronic migraine sufferers in Miami Beach, FL, can contact the Surgical Migraine Clinic via phone at (305) 712-6254 to schedule a first-time consultation. The practice is located at 4308 Alton Rd #720A, Miami Beach, FL, 33140. For more information about the migraine doctor Miami, visit the office's website.