Still Water Wellness Group Provides Drug Addiction Treatment at Their Medical Detox Center, and Treatment Center, as Well as Relapse Prevention

Located in Lake Forest, California, the STILL WATER WELLNESS GROUP offers a variety of customized therapy options for its patients. What better place to heal oneself, and find their inner peace than Southern California. Their staff members have dedicated themselves to one's well being and are available to assist them 24 hours a day 7 days a week with the admissions process, as well as any of their treatment needs. Their team hopes that in one's search for a drug, alcohol, and mental illness treatment facility, they will consider the services that are provided at the STILL WATER WELLNESS GROUP.

Though one may think that the initial help they receive from the facility will be the end of their journey, it in fact is not. Through the help of their relapse prevention programs, the patient will continue to be held accountable for the decisions they make in their everyday life. They will help them understand just what it takes to go back to a normal life around others and still make wise choices for themselves. It can be very easy to give in to the pressure that substance abuse and mental illness places on them daily. Continued counseling sessions and meetings along with the help from some medications will be helpful for them to keep themselves on track and heading in the right direction towards their long-term recovery.

STILL WATER WELLNESS GROUP also offers a Medical Detox Center as part of a patient's treatment program. It is important to rid their body of all the toxins that they have exposed it to. The detox phase of their journey will not be easy unfortunately. The staff members and counselors will be with them every step of the way to make sure they get healthy. This phase of their treatment can usually last up to a week or more, but it is a vital step of their recovery, and well worth it.

At the Treatment Center, the team chooses to take a holistic approach to getting patients well, along with the more traditional therapy options. Holistic simply means that they treat the whole body not just the addiction. These approaches include acupuncture, and therapeutic massages. They believe that treating the whole body as one is helpful when seeking inner peace. Once patients obtain inner peace and have become happy with themselves, it will be much easier to maintain their sober living. While this approach may be a little outside the box of traditional treatments, it has been proven to help many others with their treatment process.

Taking that first step towards getting help with Drug Addiction Treatment can be scary. One should know that they are not the first to seek help, nor will they be the last. It is very easy to put off that decision or make excuses for why one thinks they do not fit the mold, but in reality, they need help. Let the team at STILL WATER WELLNESS GROUP provide that help and get one heading towards a healthier version of themselves and start achieving their goals.

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