SPRSUN Announces Self-developed Controller Series of R32 Cold Climate Full Inverter Heat Pumps

China - SPRSUN, a leading heat pump manufacturer, has announced its new and self-developed R32 Cold Climate Full Inverter Heat Pumps. The new line of cold climate full inverter heat pumps is designed to bring comfort closer to customers while leveraging hot water, heating, and cooling. The company, on the new line of product, listened to its customers and has added an array of features and functions to the inverter heat pumps, thus allowing it to serve users better, lower their heating cost, and offer more value at less cost.

Customers choosing the new line of products can expect features and functions like ERP A+++ energy rating, low noise operation, R32 refrigerant, smart control and intelligent defrosting, and more, similar to the CAREL Controller Series. Added to these features and functions, customers can also expect to enjoy added perks like a 5-inch color touch screen, -30°C EVI Low ambient temperature operation, and one-click remote software update.

Now present in over 60 countries across the world, the new SPRSUN cold climate heat pumps offer customers more for their money. The 5-inch touchscreen display helps users control their heat pumps seamlessly while providing a modern and clear interface to input specific commands or change programs. Added to this, the -30°C EVI Low ambient temperature operation makes the heat pump a perfect choice for customers living in chilly climate areas. A combination of the heat pump's R32 refrigerant and inverter EVI technology makes it easy for the system to produce hot water at 60oC and a stable house heating that caters to extreme temperature drops.

Customers can expect more highlights from this new product which comes with high energy-use efficiency, thus saving them more money even as their homes and offices get the best heating. The new line of products has a maximum heating capacity of 9.5KW to 22Kw and a maximum COP of 5.89. SPRSUN has also designed the product to produce low noise at an average of 56dB. The low noise guarantee is powered by the Panasonic rotary compressor and NIDEC DC inverter brushless fans.

Other functions on the heat pump by SPRSUN include automatic temperature mode switching based on ambient temperature, multiple timing functions to improve customer experience and meet their energy-saving needs, multi-language display design to cater to customers across markets, and more.

Enjoy the power of innovative technology driven by consumer demands. For additional information, send an email to inquiry@sprsun.com, or visit SPRSUN's website at https://www.sprsunheatpump.com/ to shop for their new, self-developed controller series of R32 Cold Climate Full inverter heat pumps.

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