Sorensen Funeral Home, a St. Petersburg Funeral Home, Offers Burial Services and On-site Cremation in St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg, FL - Sorensen Funeral Home offers different personalized services to the St. Petersburg community. It is also home to licensed and caring professionals that assists families during the difficult time. Besides personalized services, the funeral home offers advisory services to family members in planning a lasting tribute and personalize the funeral preparations.

As a human-centered funeral home, Sorensen Funeral Home offers personalized, on-site cremation and burial services. If the family opts for cremation, the client's loved one does not leave the premises as it is one of the funeral homes with cremation facilities. Through the on-site cremation, the family witnesses the process. If the family wants to see the facility before the cremation, the home allows that. However, the family must request the viewing of the facility in advance. This policy enables the facility to prepare and ensure the day is free and there is a professional to take them around.

Besides cremation, Sorensen Funeral Home, a funeral home, offers a wide range of funeral services. The facility, for example, has ample space. At maximum, it can accommodate 120 people, including seating and parking space. The property sits on a 1.5 acres piece of land, making it ideal for funeral gatherings. Whether the family opts for a small or large funeral, the home has the needed facility. It also has a picture of square grounds. In addition to having beautiful mature oak trees, the grounds are calming, helping the family and friends to start the healing process.

In addition to facilities, the local funeral homes assist the family and friends in other funeral-related services. It has a "one family, one chapel" rule, which gives each family ample time to pray and remember their loved one. The home also has four licensed funeral directors. The professionals provide the needed directions and offer advisory services to the families. They are also involved in handling the funeral logistics and ensuring every process is per the legal guidelines. If the family has a special religious appeal, the funeral home takes special requests.

Sorensen Funeral Home does not have catering restrictions. Family and friends can bring food and beverages to the facility without incurring any cost. Also, they can bring pets if the other attendees are okay with pets. If the family needs a professional when planning for finer details, the funeral home sends a professional to assist the family in planning at no additional cost. Also, the family can call the home regarding the planning. Sorensen Funeral also assists the family in paperwork and fulfilling other legal requirements. Helping the family comply with the existing St Petersburg funeral requirement helps take the burden off the family.

The funeral home is at 3180 30th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713. To talk to the team, one can call (727) 323-5111. Check the website for more information on planning, paperwork, and cremation.