Sharnowski Wellness Center Uses Functional Medicine and Nutrition to Treat Chronic illnesses in Overland Park, Kansas

Functional Medicine at Sharnowski Wellness Center

Overland Park, KS: Under the leadership of Dr. Don Sharnowski, the wellness center provides treatment for chronic illnesses. With a doctorate in chiropractic medicine, the healthcare doctor comprehensively analyzes patients for treatment of various conditions. These include hormonal imbalance, fibromyalgia, allergies, autoimmune diseases, nutrient deficiencies, structural imbalances, digestive disorders, candidiasis, among other chronic illnesses. Other conditions include skin conditions such as eczema, and psoriasis, aging conditions such as Alzheimer's and dementia, autoimmunity, blood sugar disorders, gut health, toxicity, and thyroid conditions. They also treat all types of sports injuries. Patients who have been on extended treatment programs with no improvement are perfect candidates for functional medicine at Sharnowski Wellness Center.

Dr. Don believes and focuses on the reality that the body has unlimited power to heal almost anything as long as the stumbling blocks to health are removed. He uses science-based complementary medicine techniques such as functional bio-analysis and applied kinesiology to treat various conditions. These methods help remove the stumbling blocks exposing the underlying cause of the problem leading back to vibrant health regardless of the earlier condition. Below is a testimonial from a happy patient, "Dr. Don fixed most of the problems I had during my first visit. I had endured painful backaches and joint pains for over 5 years. To date, it remains surreal that I can freely move without support. He also helped me lose weight, a problem I had struggled with my entire adulthood. With Sharnowski Wellness Center functional medicine, I feel assured that chronic pain will never be part of my life ever again."

Other Services by Sharnowski Wellness Center

Besides treating chronic illnesses, the wellness center offers other services such as endocardiograph heart sound recorder and energy balancing ionic cleanse. Don also educates the general public through public speaking on various health-related topics as a way of creating awareness. During speaking engagements, Don also makes special product offers as a way of giving back. The wellness center also extends the same through writing wellness articles, healthy cooking demonstrations, healthy recipes, and health tips on their website.

It's also worth noting that the doctor was inspired to pursue this crucial medical path by his own successful severe back pain and gastrointestinal distress treatment, conditions he had suffered for many years. With standard applied kinesiology testing procedures, the specialist was found to have both structural and nutritional deficiencies, and these two were successfully treated by a chiropractor specializing in AK. Dr. Don was completely healed of the two conditions through regular chiropractic adjustments, a slightly altered diet, and nutrition supplements.

Contact Sharnowski Wellness Center

Sharnowski Wellness Center is located at 5750 W 95th Street, Suite 134, Overland Park, Kansas, 66207, USA. They can be reached by phone at (913) 937-9377. For more information on their services, visit their website.