Safe Pools Australia Offers Fully Licensed Pool and Spa Inspection Services for the Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance

Fully Licensed and Experienced Pool and Spa Building Inspectors in Frankston, VIC

Frankston, VIC- To prevent catastrophic accidents at private pools and spas in Victoria, the government requires owners to obtain a certificate to ensure that their pool and spa facilities meet the required safety standards. To qualify for the Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance, inspections must be conducted by fully licensed inspectors who work under the VBA standards.

Safe Pools Australia is a fully licensed pool inspection company specializing in performing pool and spa inspection services for homes and shared communities in Frankston, VIC. The company is represented by fully insured and certified pool safety inspectors whose goal is to bring their clients into compliance with the required safety standards and to make them eligible for certification, thus avoiding legal problems while making their facilities safer for everyone.

These Frankston-based inspectors join the effort of the regional authorities to prevent accidents, offering services that are not limited to the inspection of private pools and spas only but also seek to educate the public about the importance of keeping their facilities in compliance.

Ensuring Safe and Child-Friendly Swimming Pool Areas in Victoria

The Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance Certificate is mandatory for all pool and spa owners, even if they do not have children at the residence. This is because a large percentage of children who have had accidents were not necessarily residents of the property. Whether property owners have above-ground or in-ground pools and spas, or even inflatable pools deeper than 300 mm, the law requires that all pools (indoor or outdoor) be fully registered to reduce the alarming numbers of drowned children.

Safe Pools Australia pool inspector has extensive experience in pool barrier auditing, offering pool safety inspection and re-inspection services in Greater Melbourne and Victoria. They are proud members of prestigious organizations such as the Australia Swimming Pool & Spa Association-SPASA and Kidsafe and licensed by the Victorian Building Authority, which is the authority responsible for issuing the Swimming Pool & Spa Barrier Compliance Certificate.

Pool and spa owners looking for a professional, fully licensed pool inspector can visit Safe Pools Australia's website and schedule an inspection by following a 5-step procedure designed to simplify the safety certification process.

Contact Information

Safe Pools Australia is located at The Peninsula on the Bay, Ground Floor, 435 Nepean Highway, Frankston, Victoria, 3199. For inquiries, contact their team by calling +61 03 9863 7154. For additional information regarding swimming pool inspections in Frankston or to request a quote, visit the company's website.