Renaissance Recovery, a Trusted Drug Rehab Offers Holistic Rehabilitation Services In Fountain Valley, CA

Renaissance Recovery Services in Fountain Valley, CA

Fountain Valley, CA - Renaissance Recovery takes a gender-specific, holistic approach to recovery, combining multiple therapeutic methods to help the mind, body, and spirit heal at the same time. Partial Hospitalization Treatment Program, Medication-Assisted Treatment Program, Addiction Therapy Services in CA, Mental Health Treatment Program, and Experiential and Adventure-Based Program are all available at the center.

The certified therapists begin by learning about the clients, their addiction history, and what went wrong during previous attempts at recovery. They then create a treatment plan that is tailored to the client's specific needs. Alcohol addiction treatment, heroin addiction treatment, cocaine addiction treatment, prescription drug addiction treatment, and opiate and opioid addiction treatment are among the specialized substance abuse treatment programs. To get clients on the right track, these programs are tailored to address the individual symptoms of abuse for each substance. Most importantly, each substance abuse treatment program is tailored to the client's specific needs.

Anxiety and depression disorders, for example, are common mental health issues that co-occur with addiction. Upon intake, Renaissance Recovery specialists will determine which of their programs, including individual and group therapy, anxiety treatment, gender-specific treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, PTSD treatment, and the Mental Health IOP can benefit the client's recovery. Relapse prevention programs, cognitive-behavioral therapy, holistic therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy are also used to mitigate the negative effects of relapse triggers.

The indications and symptoms of substance misuse are taught to clients at Renaissance Recovery. They believe that all people should be able to recognize the warning indicators. Paranoia, Difficulty sleeping, Extreme changes in appearance, Suspicious behavior, Moodiness, Bloodshot eyes, and Changes in appetite are just a few of the physical symptoms that family and friends should be on the lookout for. Overcoming drug addiction necessitates extensive treatment. Renaissance Recovery Center provides a variety of addiction treatment programs and therapy services that address not just the physical symptoms of drug addiction, but also the underlying mental health issues that contribute to the addiction. For more information check out

"... The caring, knowledgeable, and welcoming staff at Renaissance Recovery provided me with the structure and support that I didn't know I needed. Through the guidance of the leaders in this community that I was so fortunate to have been accepted into, I overcame my chemical dependency, obtained employment, and have since become self-sufficient. I owe my life and my happiness to these people..." said one of the previous patients.

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Renaissance Recovery is located at 10175 Slater Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708, USA. For inquiries, contact the drug rehab via phone at (866) 330-9449. For more information, visit their website.