Queen Tour Niagara Falls Tours offers American Tourists an Opportunity to Visit Niagara Falls in Canada.

Toronto, ON - Canada is a highly developed country with numerous natural resources, civil liberties, economic freedom, a friendly population, and beautiful tourist attractions. Niagara Falls is among the top tourist destinations in Canada. As a geological wonder and one of the most known waterfalls globally, it's surrounded by Mother Nature and beautiful trails that allow tourists to have an immersive experience. While Niagara Falls is a sight to behold, planning a visit can be overwhelming, cumbersome, and confusing if not done correctly. Queen Tour Niagara Falls Tours is in business to help American tourists enjoy their trips to Niagara Falls by easing the planning process.

Queen Tour Niagara Falls Tours is a tour operator and sightseeing tour agency on a mission of helping tourists explore Niagara Falls. The company is family-owned and operated, was founded in 1994, and is licensed by the Niagara Parks Commission. Most tourists trust sightseeing agencies that have decades of experience and positive reviews on popular travel and tour sites in the areas they need to visit. Queen Tour Niagara Falls Tours has served tens of thousands of tourists from the USA and internationally, and has received more than 1000 positive reviews on TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp, Viator, GetYourGuide, and Booking.com.

The bus tour agency has enjoyed this success thanks to a team of highly qualified and experienced tour guides, transportation experts, management, and staff who are devoted to helping tourists experience the wonder that is Niagara Falls. The tour guides are licensed and insured to provide tours of Canada's most breathtaking scenes in English. They have decades of experience and knowledge of the scenic falls and are friendly, humorous, passionate, professional, and committed to going above and beyond their clients' requests.

With a focus on client-centered services, they offer small group tours which offer a more intimate experience, and private tours which are custom tailored for each group. Their team takes the time to listen to each clients' specific requirements to provide comfortable and relaxing services. They also take care of all the paperwork including, scheduling, transport, or any other specific requirement for their clients. Additionally, they have partnered with leading tourism agencies including Viator, Musement, TripAdvisor, Destination Ontario, Attractions ON, Booking.com, GetYourGuide, and Niagara Falls to help their clients in their explorations.

Tourists who need to visit Niagara Falls can trust Queen Tour Niagara Falls Tours to organize everything from pickup to activities. The firm offers day tours from Toronto that include round-trip transportation, allowing them to experience Niagara Falls and nearby sights without having to worry about planning itineraries. This tour is suitable for tourists who are on a trip to Toronto, need private tours to Niagara Falls, solo travelers, families with children, a group of friends, or couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Queen Tour Niagara Falls Tours provides round trip bus transportations from Toronto to Niagara Falls with pickups from Downtown Toronto, Mississauga, Toronto Pearson Airport and Niagara Falls. It includes an early evening return so that their clients can enjoy an evening in Toronto. Guests will have 3 hours of free time for exploration in Niagara Falls, allowing them to join other excursions including, the Skylon Tower, Journey Behind the Falls, or Niagara Cruises boat tours. Apart from visiting Niagara Falls, tourists will also take a scenic drive along the Niagara Parkway to visit heritage spots such as the floral clock, Queenston Heights, and Niagara Whirlpool. They can also choose to shop for souvenirs, fresh fruits, and treats from a local farmers market. The tour ends with wine tasting at a local Niagara-on-the-Lake winery, Lakeview.

Queen Tour Niagara Falls Tours offers small group tours year-round, with minor itinerary updates based on the weather. They also offer private tours for groups or individuals interested in a more intimate experience. With highly competitive prices, tourists will be able to book their tour comfortably. Paying for these tours is done online for the convenience of the clients.

Other than being the trusted sightseeing tour agency that offers tours to Niagara Falls, Queen Tour Niagara Falls Tours manages the Ontario Travel Guide, a blog about tourism in Toronto and Niagara Falls with extensively researched articles and guides. They have insight on the best things to do while touring Toronto and experiencing Niagara Falls, including updated information on hotels, dining, restaurants, activities, attractions, tours, and more for tourists with different goals.

As things are slowly recovering from COVID-19, Queen Tour Niagara Falls Tours has taken the initiative to sanitize the busses, vaccinate the staff and tour guides, and limit each tour to smaller groups for the safety of everyone on board and those in other places.

Contact Queen Tour Niagara Falls Tours for bookings by calling 416-792-7968. They are located in Toronto, ON, CA. For any inquiries about the tours and other services they offer, visit their website.