QC Kinetix (Mars) offers Regenerative Medicine Solutions for the Residents of Mars, PA

QC Kinetix (Mars) a Regenerative Medicine Therapy Facility

Mars, PA - Compared to traditional modes of treatment, regenerative medicine solutions provide long-lasting relief from uncomfortable, mild, and chronic pain. While it may be tiring and time-consuming to manage pain, QC Kinetix (Mars) has curated natural pain treatments that help the body heal and repair itself without the need for invasive surgery.

QC Kinetix (Mars) comprises a team of orthopedic specialists on a mission of helping patients enjoy a higher quality of life by improving their musculoskeletal pain and injuries using the latest technology and natural treatment protocols. The regenerative therapies they provide improve pain, decrease inflammation, and repair degenerated tissues.

With the knowledge that each patient has specified medical issues, the team offers concierge services as they conduct extensive consultations. They also create customized treatment plans that are geared towards meeting the needs of each patient. Additionally, they educate each patient regarding their conditions, the treatment options available to them, and the natural therapies that would best suit them.

Services offered at QC Kinetix (Mars)

Knee pain due to injuries, disease, or lifestyle choices has the potential of affecting an individual's quality of life. While the most common medical solutions include steroids, surgery, or physical therapy, QC Kinetix (Mars) offers non-invasive knee replacement alternatives. The natural regenerative therapies help reduce pain resulting in improved activity for patients with decreased range of motion, chronic knee pain, torn meniscus, torn ACL, MCL and LCL, knee arthritis pain, bone on bone osteoarthritis, knee cracking, knee popping, and knee snapping.

Professional athletes and individuals who lead active lifestyles commonly use ice, rest, compression, and elevation to deal with physical injuries. The regenerative medicine solutions offered at QC Kinetix (Mars) aim to stimulate repair and healing of damaged tissues for torn rotator cuffs, shoulder pain, wrist pain, low back pain, tennis elbow, ligament tears, tendon tears, torn Achilles tendon, and more. The treatments strengthen ligaments, tissues, and tendons, preventing future injuries.

Patients experiencing pain, swelling, and stiffness of the knees, hips, wrists, feet, ankles, shoulders, lower back, fingers, and toes, can achieve results with the natural treatment protocols used at QC Kinetix (Mars). While medicine is used to treat pain due to arthritis, they don't slow down the progression of the disease, a problem the Mars regenerative clinic is in business to mitigate by maximizing the body's healing mechanisms without the need for surgical procedures.

Additionally, QC Kinetix (Mars) caters to patients with musculoskeletal pain from non-sports-related injuries including, low back pain, finger pain, toe pain, tendon pain, ligament pain, muscle pain, hand pain, and foot pain.

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To request a free consultation from QC Kinetix (Mars) regenerative medicine, call (724) 201-4230. They are located at 6998 Crider Rd, Suite 220, Mars, PA, 16046, USA. For any inquiries about the services they provide, visit their website.