QC Kinetix (Liberty) Cincinnati Is an Orthopedic Clinic Offering Regenerative Medicine Procedures

Conditions Treated at QC Kinetix (Liberty)

Liberty Township, OH - QC Kinetix (Liberty) has a team of experienced regenerative medical professionals who offer a wide range of treatment procedures to address painful sensations and discomforts in the joints and other areas of the body. As one of the leading orthopedic clinics in the area, they offer personalized treatment to patients while monitoring and updating treatment therapies to ensure desired results. Patients can expect non-invasive treatment procedures and holistic therapies designed to address their symptoms and the root cause.

With regenerative medicine procedures, QC Kinetix (Liberty) has recorded success in treating and managing various conditions like shoulder pain caused by accidents, injuries, and overuse problems. They also address common problems such as elbow pain that presents common symptoms like pain when opening or moving the fingers, pain when making a fist, weak grip, dull aches in the elbow, soreness around the wrists, pain while trying to grasp objects, and others. The center also addresses hand and wrist pain with symptoms like swollen fingers and hands, problems or inability to hold objects, etc.

Patients who suffer from knee pain and are interested in knee replacement alternatives can also visit them for help. They offer regenerative medicine treatments that address knee pain caused by sporting injuries, age, accidents, and other problems. They can also be reached for ankle or foot pain treatment caused by sprains, wear and tear, or osteoarthritis pain, arthritis pain, or rheumatoid arthritis pain. Patients who suffer from low back pain caused by ligament or muscle strains, ruptured disks, osteoarthritis pain, pain due to arthritis, etc., can also schedule a free consultation meeting with the specialists.

What To Expect At QC Kinetix (Liberty)

QC Kinetix (Liberty) regenerative medicine takes pride in its approach to health and treatment. The orthopedic clinic representative said, "For first-time clients, treatment begins when one of our professional medical staff examines to inspect the problem area. Once we determine the source of the pain, we create a specific treatment that we share with the client. Then, we explain each step of the treatment plan to ensure all of our clients are fully aware of what their regenerative therapy will entail."

They ensure that each patient is carried along with their health and treatment plans to ensure effective results. Patients who suffer from joint pain, knee injuries, and others are welcome to get started.

About QC Kinetix (Liberty)

QC Kinetix (Liberty) is located at 6770 Cincinnati Dayton Rd, Suite 110, Liberty Township, OH, 45044, USA, and can be reached via phone at (513) 847-0019 for appointment scheduling. For more information, visit their website.