QC Kinetix (Kettering) Kettering Regenerative Medicine Specialist Provides Lasting Pain Management Treatments in Kettering, OH

Kettering, OH - Living with pain can be frustrating. Chronic pain in the back, shoulders, knees or other areas often prevents people from performing their daily activities properly. Whether at work, exercising, or sometimes sleeping, chronic pain can become a daily nightmare, which until relatively a few years back could only be treated with either highly invasive surgeries or controlled with painkillers that always bring adverse side effects. However, regenerative medicine has been gaining momentum, thanks to its benefits to patients with chronic pain, providing them with a promising long-term treatment option for their pain.

For patients living with chronic pain in and around Kettering, OH, QC Kinetix (Kettering) is a leading practice specializing in non-surgical regenerative medicine, with extensive experience helping patients avoid surgery through alternative therapies and treatments. QC Kinetix (Kettering) is proud to be part of the multi-location QC Kinetix franchise that is nationally recognized for its evidence-based treatment results.

"We offer consultations for Kettering residents who think knee surgery or hip replacement surgery are the only options to heal their pain. Once our team of doctors determines you're an ideal candidate for regenerative therapies, we'll develop a custom treatment plan that will work best for you." Said the representative for QC Kinetix (Kettering) regarding their customized treatments.

QC Kinetix (Kettering) is focused on helping patients live longer, healthier, pain-free lives without having to undergo highly invasive surgical procedures or over-rely on prescription medications. Whether patients need a hip or knee replacement, QC Kinetix (Kettering) offers alternative solutions to surgery that can help patients regain their body function naturally.

Regenerative medicine consists of a series of treatments of natural origin that seek to stimulate the self-regeneration of tissues and is ideal for treating pain caused by musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis pain, tendonitis pain, foot pain, low back pain, among others. Each patient is thoroughly evaluated by a specialized team which helps create a customized treatment plan designed for each patient's specific needs.

Other than pain management treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, QC Kinetix (Kettering) also specializes in treatment and therapies for sport-related injuries. Whether an athlete needs shoulder pain relief in Kettering or has acute sports-related musculoskeletal or joint pain, the clinic offers a variety of treatments suitable for high-performing athletes and their unique needs. These biological therapies can help athletes regain their usual performance in less time and without the risks of surgery.

Those looking for regenerative medicine near Kettering may contact QC Kinetix (Kettering) via phone at (937) 936-0325 to book a free consultation. The clinic is located at 500 Lincoln Park Blvd, Suite 206, Kettering, OH, 45429. For more information about their services or to book an appointment, visit the clinic's website.