QC Kinetix (Central Oregon) Offers Regenerative Medicine In Bend, OR

Bend, OR - QC Kinetix (Central Oregon) is a natural pain clinic that specializes in regenerative medicine for Central Oregon residents. Whether patients are suffering from knee discomfort, low back pain, or musculoskeletal pain resulting from a sports injury, or need shoulder pain relief in Bend, regenerative medicine treatments provide a relatively painless and quick-acting treatment option. Patients may find that their non-invasive therapy alternatives are just what they need to heal their pain without long-term prescription drug use or surgery. QC Kinetix (Central Oregon) provides biological therapies that can assist patients reduce their discomfort, relieve their pain, and return to their daily activities and hobbies with no restrictions.

Regenerative medicine is a new discipline of medicine that is revolutionizing the way doctors manage chronic pain. By harnessing the body's innate ability to rebuild and heal damaged cells and tissue, the clinic's alternative treatments relieve pain without invasive procedures.

A specialist will examine the patient after a free initial consultation to establish the core cause of their condition and then recommend the most effective treatment options to ensure a positive outcome. In addition, the complimentary consultations allow the doctor to assess the patient's condition and determine whether they are a good fit for the clinic's regenerative medicine near Bend. Whether the soreness is caused by a sports injury, a medical condition, or an accident, their sophisticated regenerative orthopedics in Central Oregon will conduct extensive study to find the best treatment strategy to avoid worsening symptoms and a painful surgery. Patients should regain their strength and live a healthier and happier life as a result of their efforts.

To provide patients with the best treatment care possible, QC Kinetix (Central Oregon) specialists stay up to date on the latest procedures and technology on the market. The doctors employ proven methods to identify the problem, assess the symptoms, and devise a plan to heal and replace damaged tissue while also increasing the patient's physical activity. Their regenerative medicine clinic invites patients suffering from joint discomfort and inflammation as a result of arthritis, sciatica, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other tendon-degrading illnesses. While some mild symptoms can be treated at home with gels and painkillers, it is critical to seek medical help. During the initial consultation, the doctor will go over the patient's medical history and injuries, as well as perform all tests required to figure out what's causing the discomfort. Once they have all of the details, they will devise a unique treatment plan that includes alternative treatments as well as physical therapy to assist the patient's body in healing and repairing itself.

To learn more about QC Kinetix (Central Oregon), visit their clinic located at 2546 NE Conners Ave, Suite 210, Bend, OR, 97701. Contact them via phone at (541) 314-4470. For more information, visit their website.