Pregnancy Resource Center Provides unplanned Pregnancy Resources and Support in a Safe, and Confidential Environment in Portland, Oregon

Get Discreet Support for an Unplanned Pregnancy at Pregnancy Resource Centre

Portland, OR: Among the key services offered at Pregnancy Resource Center are free pregnancy tests, free first and second-trimester limited ultrasound, pregnancy counseling, and free STI testing. One of their other key services is the community resources, where they refer clients to other local agencies offering other services and support related to unplanned pregnancies. The more than 70 agencies and supporting organizations offer other crucial services such as schooling, housing, clothing, medical services, drug and alcohol treatment, and more. Considering how difficult it is to find one organization offering one-stop-shop services or support needed during an unplanned pregnancy, it is impressive what Pregnancy Resource Center has to offer. These supporting organizations collaborate through referrals, making it easier to get the much-needed help.

The center's main goal is to provide support by availing resources to help clients confidently face unplanned or unsupported pregnancies. They have a team of licensed medical staff and trained peer-to-peer pregnancy counselors who offer full support to clients during this critical moment in life. The center manager had this to say, "Going through an unplanned pregnancy is a difficult period not only to women but also to their families in general. We are fully equipped to help families navigate this difficult period through psychosocial support, resources on the available options. We also offer other types of support such as referrals to other organizations offering other related services such as housing, schooling, drug and alcohol treatments."

Available Options and Services at Pregnancy Resource Centre

Among the many resources provided by the center are the various options available to clients facing unplanned pregnancies. After counseling, they provide new parent resources for those who prefer parenting as an option. Besides the resources and a helping ear, they also provide maternity clothes, a layette for the child, and parenting classes for both parents. This is in addition to referral to other local agencies and supporting organizations for more support. For families that choose adoption, they provide free adoption information and counseling. They also connect families to trustworthy adoption agencies. Some of these adoption agencies are listed on their website. For families that seek abortion as an option, the center provides free abortion education. They also offer counseling in an honest, judgment-free, and compassionate way to help those seeking help make an informed decision.

Contact Pregnancy Resource Center

Pregnancy Resource Center can be reached by phone at 503-777-7097 for more information on their services. They are located at 5117 SE Powell Blvd. #3, Portland, OR, 97206, US. Visit their website for online consultation and bookings and detailed information on all their services.