Pima Solar Offers Affordable and Diverse Payment Options on Residential and Commercial Solar Services in Tucson, Arizona

Affordable and Diverse Solar Payment Options Pima Solar

Tucson, AZ - Pima Solar has introduced several flexible payment plans for all its residential and commercial clients throughout Arizona. The company supports clients in getting huge tax credit slashes on their energy bills and claim huge federal and tax credits that could go up as high as 26% as was in 2020. Pima Solar clients can finance solar for as low as 1.49% with $0 down payments and at a fraction of their current electricity bill. To simplify the process, the company issues savings reports which show clients how much money they will save through solar installation and use each month. The company staff research and find out if the client is qualified for a cash rebate and how much tax credit they are eligible for from the government. That comprehensive report they issue upon request involves all these calculations and ensures their solar services are accessible to as many residential and commercial clients as possible.

Pima Solar solar panels near Tucson services the entire Arizona area, including Northern, Southern, and Great Phoenix Metro areas. The licensed contractor employs certified professionals to perform all their solar services. Their staff is knowledgeable on the current government regulation and solar innovations on the market to ensure clients get modern solar panels and advanced services that meet the most recent industry requirements. The company representative had this to say about their services, "Most of our customers can get their total monthly electric payments about 40% less with solar energy. Your decision to shift to solar energy is not only great for your own pocket but also has a great role in protecting the planet for generations to come. Give us a call for all your solar questions and get a savings report."

Other Services by Pima Solar

Pima Solar in Tucson is a green-conscious company concerned with safeguarding today's environment for posterity. Their primary reason for ensuring clients go solar is to safeguard the planet. The company's proactive approach to solar installation ensures affordability to ensure clients spend very little when going solar and slash their recurrent energy bills. Their knowledge of the available tax credits and rebates provides a smooth transition from over-dependence on electricity to going solar.

The company offers additional services like maintenance to keep solar panels at their optimum performance. They offer free quotes for their services to interested residential and commercial clients who wish to go solar in addition to their saving reports issues under request.

Contact Pima Solar

Pima Solar is open to visitors who wish to make in-person visits to their offices located at 7660 E Broadway Blvd # 304, Tucson, Arizona, 85710, USA. For consultation and bookings on their residential and commercial solar services, call their team at (520) 337-2466. Visit their website for additional information on its solar services.