Paulson and Paulson Offers Products That Allow RIA's to Comfortably and Transparently Advise Clients to Purchase Real Estate within their Qualified Accounts.

Paulson and Paulson, known for offering personalized tax services offers two distinct products that allow Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) to comfortably and transparently advise their clients to purchase real estate in their qualified accounts with no fear of the IRS/UBTI obligations.

These products are:

An Exposure Analysis which allows an RIA to understand their clients' exposure to UBTI resulting from their investment advice, and, 990-T Tax Filings to efficiently handle all tax filings that are required due to such investments all at potentially no cost to the advisor.

Paulson and Paulson have made it simple to see if their services are beneficial to RIAs by creating a quick Three-question survey. Their simple pricing model is very competitive and transparent unlike many competitors.

By helping RIAs assess their client's exposure to UBTI due to their investment advice, Paulson and Paulson takes care of 990-T filing obligations that may follow in a turnkey fashion.

Paulson and Paulson's goal is to help RIAs who might normally shy away from advising their clients to invest in real estate which would otherwise be a great complement to their client's retirement portfolio.

"We are your trusted partner in success. Our firm is large enough to offer a full range of professional services at a fair price, but small enough to give you the individual attention that you deserve." Paulson and Paulson website.

About Paulson and Paulson

Paulson and Paulson, a Box Company, was founded over 45 years ago and has prepared thousands of various types of tax returns. They discovered that Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI) was a very thorny issue for RIAs with Real Estate Investments that are held in Self-Directed IRAs and that utilize debt.

Without this solution, these investments can result in a big, surprising tax bill inside the IRA that otherwise would have been reduced by prior year losses and can catch an investor by surprise.

Paulson and Paulson have completed many 990-T tax returns dealing with this specific issue. In addition, they have a process for analyzing a RIA's exposure within its client base.

For this reason, Paulson and Paulson created a quick complimentary Three-question survey to analyze a RIAs clients' UBTI exposure.

Dustin Parker, CEO at Box Companies

An experienced Investor specializing in downside risk management, Dustin Parker sits on an Investment Committee for Box Financial Advisors, Firstfruits Funds, and a local endowment. He provides experience and resources to the various Box Subsidiaries and their Presidents while managing capital allocation for Box Companies.

Most importantly, Box Companies Vision is to sow love and acceptance into men and women in the marketplace; to seek and model Heaven; and to advance Heaven.

Three-Question Survey

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