Pacific Street Dental Offers Holistic Family, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dental Services in Placerville, CA

Placerville, CA - Dr. Minh-Khang Eric Ngo of Pacific Street Dental leads a dedicated, capable, and compassionate team in providing high-quality, specialized dental care and disseminating good oral health information to the community. This involves having in-depth yet straightforward treatment talks and keeping dental appointments short but stress-free. Dr. Minh-Khang Minh-Khang Minh-Khang Minh- Eric Ngo has worked and earned experience caring for patients in a variety of settings around the state of California.

Generally, a bright smile lights up any room. As a result, the dentist near Placerville serves individuals who want to improve the appearance of their smiles, need a routine cleaning, or have had a dental emergency. Pacific Street Dental in Placerville, CA, offers restorative dentistry to help patients feel and look their best. Their dental procedures attempt to restore the aesthetics and function of their patients' teeth while also preventing health problems, including tooth decay and overbite. Dr. Eric Ngo, a cosmetic and restorative dental specialist with years of experience, provides the best solutions for each patient. He understands that each patient is unique, and his approach reflects this by offering tailored treatment programs.

Dental Crowns, Dental Bridges, Dentures, Smile Makeovers, and dental implants in Placerville are just a few of the services offered by Dr. Ngo and his staff at Pacific Street Dental. The innovative treatments and procedures used by this dental team rely on cutting-edge technology to get the best possible results. For long-lasting results, they use dependable, robust, and natural-looking materials.

Dr. Ngo's goal is to restore and maintain his patients' teeth' integrity and strength. To do so, he examines each tooth separately and may suggest dental implants, dentures, or crowns. The Pacific Street Dental team works hard to ensure that their patients' broken or chipped teeth don't interfere with their daily lives. Patients can rely on Pacific Street Dental to provide the best solutions, whether they require a dental bridge or dentures. Restoration of damaged teeth not only improves one's appearance but also benefits the patient's general dental health. Restorative treatments at the practice help avoid dental decay, gum disease, partial or complete tooth loss, and infection in the future.

"A friendly and attentive staff made me feel welcome as a new patient. Dr. Ngo was very knowledgeable and listened to my concern about my tooth. He made me feel confident that it could be repaired successfully. He did a masterful job. I highly recommend this dentist." Said one satisfied patient on services rendered.

To learn more about Pacific Street Dental, visit their practice at 980 Pacific St, Placerville, CA 95667, or call them via phone at (530) 622-4188 to schedule an appointment. For more information, visit their website.