Overall Renovation, Offers Premium Apartment Remodeling, and Renovation in Manhattan, New York

Overall Renovation Apartment Remodeling and Renovating Services

Manhattan, NY: As one of the leading home remodeling companies, one of their key areas of specialization is apartment remodeling and renovation. Whether an apartment was left in a mess by a tenant or the property owner wants to change the overall look, Overall Renovation handles the project. The remodelers do this by reimagining the property and updating it for the modern rental market. During apartment remodeling, the company incorporates modern technological improvements such as smart lighting, built-in smart technology appliances, digital assistant devices, and energy-saving accessories such as smart windows. Their remodeling process includes planning the change that the client wants to see, identifying the must-have features, then the project begins.

The team of contractors at Overall Renovation home remodeling has over 10 years of experience remodeling and renovating homes. They are ready to assist customers with quick updates, or in-depth explanations regarding any aspect of the project. One of the team leaders had this to say about their vast experience in the industry, "Remodeling and renovation is our area of expertise and specialization. Having been in the business since 2012, we are well versed with modern technologies, interior design trends, and up-to-date knowledge on the same. Everyone is welcome to try us"

Overall Renovation Other Services

Another key feature in Overall Renovation apartment remodeling is decor renovation. This may entail adding a large window to let in natural light in if an apartment does not have exterior windows. The other option is adding an accent wall. This enhances the curb appeal and also draws the eye to essential design features. An accent wall also makes the room memorable. Their apartment remodeling and renovation also include repairing damages by replacing outdated technologies with new models. Taking advantage of damages and repairs such as patching walls can lead to energy savings depending on the materials and technologies used in the process. If the problem is a fixer-upper, it means the repairs entail redecoration, redesign, and reconstruction and this is where they take advantage to add some cosmetic improvements.

Other services offered by the remodeler include bathroom and kitchen renovation, home renovation, remodeling, repairs, installations, and indoor painting. They also offer wood floor installation and refinishing services. Overall Renovation has a 24/7 emergency plumbing and home repair service.

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Overall Renovation is located at 193 Spring Street, Suite B, New York, NY, 10012, US. They can be reached by phone at (888) 672-1373. For detailed information on their various remodeling and renovation services, photo portfolios, and a gallery, visit their website.