Number Pro LLC Is Helping People Generate Passive Income Through Real Estate Investment Solutions

United States - Number Pro LLC offers real estate investment solutions that generate passive income for interested people. The model is simple; interested persons invest only 2 hours of their time monthly to make passive income. The investment team at Number Pro LLC ensures that each participant is aware of the steps involved and the available wealth avenues. They are available via phone for a deeper consultation.

Number Pro LLC offers investment and consulting services to people who wish to scale up their income and earn more passive income. The financial consultants at the company have been operational for some years, providing their clients with financial solutions that improve their wealth accumulation. In a bid to offer more to their clients, the company is providing real estate investment solutions that require minimal participation to create passive income generation.

The real estate investment solution proposed by the consultants at Number Pro LLC requires 2 hours a month or less of the participants' time. The goal is to reduce the amount of time invested in generating passive income while helping clients build their wealth and investment portfolio. The consultants focus on identifying real estate with great returns for their clients, thus putting them in a financially secure position at all times.

Interested investors, especially those interested in the real estate market, can schedule an appointment with the team at Number Pro LLC to get started. Each interested investor will have a chance to discuss the prospects of the investment plan with Dominique Vescuso, the company's CEO. Born in Alaska, Dominique Vescuso lived in Southern California for most of her life and obtained a bachelor's degree in mathematics. As a former teacher, she has garnered the experience needed to break down complex investment options and ideas into simple and easy-to-understand bits. Her real estate journey started in 2007, and she has since moved on to become a real estate investor who has flipped homes, owned rentals, dabbled into apartments, and is now focused on Mobile Home Parks.

Dominique Vescuso has, over the years, expanded to become not just a real estate broker but owns a brokerage and property management company with over 100 transactions annually. Interested investors who choose to work with Number Pro LLC can rest assured knowing that they'll enjoy real estate made easy. The team ensures that clients and investors enjoy a no-nonsense approach to creating a passive income that doesn't require a full time commitment.

Number Pro LLC founder, describing her plans for the next five years, said: "In the next five years, I plan to help my clients invest over $100 Million in real estate, making great returns for the security and freedom they are looking for," she added: "I help busy people invest in real estate with little demand on their time. I show them the best asset class for their return vs. risk vs. control that they are comfortable with. We go over their financial goals, risk tolerance, funds available, and a couple of other factors to find the right real estate asset for them to invest in."

Number Pro LLC can be reached via (951) 499-5655. Their passive income generation through real estate investing solutions is available to interested persons across the US. Visit their website for more information.

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