Norwood Law Firm Offers Extensive Business Law Services in Tulsa, OK

Tulsa, OK - Norwood Law Firm is a practice that offers varying legal disciplines, including mediation, personal injury claims, criminal defense, and family law such as divorces, child custody, and child support. The firm also represents business owners in the cannabis and medical marijuana industry.

Amongst the firm's specialties, attorneys Joe Norwood and Todd Maxwell have extensive experience in all matters related to Business Law. From formation and governance to purchase and acquisitions; contracts to employment matters, Norwood Law Firm delivers . The firm also specializes in Construction Law, with Todd Maxwell having previously been head counsel for the state's largest construction company.

Business law by Norwood Law Firm also offers representation to clients with new ventures and those with existing businesses. The firm helps clients navigate the ever-changing field of employment law, regulatory and governmental issues, contract drafting, disputes, and negotiations. It also offers the needed legal assistance in entity formation and governance in the early stages of the client's business. If there are any business purchases and sales, the firm offers guidance and representation. In addition to this, Todd Maxwell helps clients draft non-compete agreements and handle business disputes.

For clients interested in business formation, such as limited partnerships, the firm offers the necessary legal guidance. Norwood Law Firm is an ideal partner in the formation of corporations, including non-profits, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and limited liability companies (LLCs). In each case, the practice helps the client with the documentation and does due diligence on their behalf. If the client is uncertain about anything, the lawyers offer the necessary legal advice, making it easier for the client to make the right decision.

The government also expects clients running businesses to be knowledgeable about the existing laws and bylaws, so Norwood Law Firm walks clients through the intricate world of legal demands. The practice guides the client in submitting the necessary paperwork and helps them keep tabs on the changing laws for compliance.

The firm caters to business clients of any size. To get started, the client can fill out the free consultation form on the practice's website. The law firm will then arrange a meeting where the client provides more information regarding their business and why they need legal representation. In return, the firm's representative takes them through legal requirements (based on their situation) and the best ways to handle the matters at hand. For convenience, the firm is flexible and sets up meetings based on the client's needs and, more importantly, when they need legal assistance.

Norwood Law Firm is located at 1717 S. Cheyenne Ave., Tulsa, OK 74119. For inquiries regarding business law, interested clients can call (918) 582-6464. For additional information about Norwood Law Firm and the services offered, visit the law firm's website.