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Septic Tank Dude Website Covers Septic Systems from Septic Tank to Leach Field

Septic Tank Dude team have released a new educational website to help new and existing homeowners across the United States to learn more about their septic system and confidently identify problems, their solutions and helpful preemptive actions that will save them money.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 1 in 5 homeowners in the USA or 60+ million US homes rely on an individual onsite or small community cluster system (septic systems) to treat their effluent and wastewater. Septic tank dude introduces a US-developed and manufactured septic tank treatment that is natural and aerobic. The Septic Tank Dude website was created to help households learn practical tips and strategies to get more out of their septic systems. Septic Tank Dude Website

Portland, Maine - ** Septic Tank Dude has published an exciting new educational and service website catering to rural homeowners. The site is full of information on septic tanks, septic systems, leach fields and helpful strategies to help prevent septic tank and drain field failures from all types of septic systems including conventional septic systems.

Jonathan the founder of Septic Tank Dude website and Youtube channel said "there are many law changes coming to states all across the US that are affecting homeowners installing or replacing their septic systems. There are also many septic tank companies that are pushing unsuspecting homeowners into more expensive septic system designs that are unnecessary for their soil type, location and groundwater situation. This website is here to be the voice of education for unsuspecting homeowners who want to research their needs before talking to a septic company".

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than one in five properties in the USA relies on a septic system to process their effluent and wastewater (greywater). This is over 60 million homeowners in the United States.

What is a septic system?

All liquid effluent, human sewage and wastewater flows through the household plumbing system, out of the home via the main drain drainage pipe and the effluent enters into the septic tank via the inlet pipe.

The job of the septic tank is to partially decompose lighter solids and do the majority of the processing and effective treatment of the wastewater. This job is completed when the lighter solids (sludge) and heavy solids settle on the bottom and the scum accumulates into a scum layer (including grease and oils) forms at the top leaving a layer of water in the middle.

The semi treated liquid wastewater or effluent then leaves the tank via the outlet pipe which often has effluent filters fitted to ensure sludge and sewage remain in the system and only septic tank effluent flows via the distribution box into the soil absorption field.

Education for septic owning homeowners

It is a goal for the septic tank dude team to educate American homeowners on how to get more out of their septic system and understand when to replace it. The septic tank community has many questions that need answering. Each week the team publish 2-3 educational articles answering questions from the readers. The website has three main pillars of educational resources:

Septic systems click here Septic tanks click here Leach fields click here Septic Tank Additive Treatments

Although many individuals have their septic tanks pumped once a year, new septic tank additive treatments developed by a top US college are on the market to break down solids and fat to reduce the necessity for people to pump their septic tanks often. Even so, it is recommended and in some states regulation that a septic tank is pumped every 2-5 years depending on location. For this reason the website offers septic service quotes here for nationwide septic services covering:

Septic pumping service Septic repair service Septic installation and replacement service General household plumbing service About Septic Tank Dude

The Septic Tank Dude is an online resource for homeowners that discusses their septic systems in detail and offers advice on how to keep them functioning effectively. Many homeowners believe that the only way to care for their septic system is to have it pumped, which can be very costly. There are natural septic treatments or additives available for less than $9 a month that can reduce solids, scum and sludge which are the biggest factors that lead to having septic pumped. After all not having to pay municipal sewage fees every month should mean more money in a homeowners pocket. This website is here to make sure that comes true for homeowners. Visit the educational website at, interact with them on Pinterest, Tumblr or Twitter.

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