MyUSAddress helps Canadians Shop Online in the US

Prescott, ON - Individuals looking for a US supplier, in the market for items that aren't available in Canada or who want to take advantage of the shopping deals in the US can rely on MyUSAddress, a service that allows them to shop online for auto parts, high-end fashion items, kitchenware, sports equipment, furniture, and more.

MyUSAddress comprises a team of customs experts who have more than 60years of experience helping Canadians with US cross-border shipping and returns. They have a deep understanding of the border rules and regulations and an automated customs-clearance network that comes in handy when clients' goods need to be cleared quickly. Additionally, they take advantage of the latest customs release initiatives to review all goods to ensure that they comply with specific product regulations. With communication as the main pillar of operation at MyUSAddress, the team sends SMS shipping notifications via email to inform their clients when their packages have arrived at their Ogdensburg warehouse.

Canadians interested in shopping in the United States can register with MyUSAddress for free. During this process, they assign a free unit number and address at their US warehouse in Ogdensburg, NY, send an email with the client's own US address and account login information. With this information, the client can log in to their account to set preferred phone numbers, email addresses, and any other information required.

Once the account is set up, a client can start shopping from different US retailers. When their packages are sent to the warehouse, they will receive a notification with details of the goods to ensure that the correct items were shipped. Once the client has received this notification, they can decide to either pick up their packages or have them delivered to their doorsteps.

MyUSAddress has a Push it North service, which is a convenient parcel forwarding method for clients who want to save time, don't feel like crossing the border, or don't have a passport. Clients who choose this service can get their packages forwarded to the Prescott, ONT location for a border-free pickup or get them delivered directly to their homes or businesses at a small cost. Clients who shop for items in US retail stores but don't have an immediate use for them, are relocating, have tight schedules, have pre-planned activities, don't have space, aren't in the country, or simply don't have time to pick them up, can get free storage services at the US depot for up to a year.

To learn more about MyUSAddress, call 18003203014. They are located at 850 Sophia St, Prescott, Ontario, K0E1T0, CA. For any inquiries about how to register, costs, pickups, deliveries, US addresses, or Push it North, click here to visit MyUSAddress for free.