Movement 101 is a Top-Rated Physiotherapist in Marrickville, New South Wales

Movement 101 is Providing Physiotherapy in Marrickville, NSW

Marrickville, NSW - Movement 101 has been helping people with chronic pain and neuromuscular disorders for many years, offering a variety of treatments, managed by specialists with the knowledge, experience, and licenses to provide elite physiotherapy support of a level that professional rugby and football players receive.

Movement 101 strives to stand out above its competitors by offering more personalized assistance tailored to the needs of its clients. Unlike the one-size-fits-all services offered by most clinics, Movement 101's patients receive a thorough assessment to understand their needs and create a customized plan that addresses different conditions at their roots.

Serving Clients Across New South Wales

Movement 101 provides evidence-based physiotherapy treatments in Wolli Creek, Botany, Marrickville, and Waterloo. All of their locations strive to remain true to their founding principles and maintain the highest standards of services, employing a fully licensed team with extensive experience.

Patients in Marrickville and the surrounding areas can schedule an appointment to see one of their specialists. They have the resources and experience to address a variety of conditions such as back, spine or neck pain, disc injuries, muscle and nerve problems, lack of movement or strength, ongoing headaches, work-related injuries, whiplash and many other types of injuries.

In addition to clinical physiotherapy, Movement 101 Marrickville also offers premier podiatry treatments, orthotics, diabetes, and nail care. The podiatrists from Movement 101 are experts in the treatment of sports-related injuries and problems in the feet, ankles, knees, and legs. For persistent plantar fasciitis or chronic Achilles tendon pain, the office also specializes in shockwave therapy, which is highly recommended to reduce pain and promote healing with extracorporeal shockwave therapy.

The Marrickville physiotherapist is proud to offer medicinal massage services performed by certified remedial massage therapists, trained and certified to provide great health benefits to the body and mind of their clients. Their remedial massage therapy services are highly sought after for relieving muscle pain, tension, stiffness, treating soft tissue injuries, and speeding up the recovery time from exercise and injuries while reducing stress and anxiety.

Other services such as reformer & studio pilates classes, pilates mat classes, pregnancy pilates (pre and post-natal), one-on-one expert training, work injury rehab, aromatherapy massages, pregnancy massages, and others are also available at Movement 101.

Contact Movement 101

Movement 101 physiotherapist is located at Shop 2/198 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville, NSW, 2204. Contact them via phone at 02 9518 1585 or visit their website for more information and to book an appointment.