Law Office Of Jonathan Preston Offers Extensive Legal Representation in Murrieta, CA

Murrieta, CA - Law Office Of Jonathan Preston offers different legal services to individual and corporate clients. In the last 22 years, Jonathan Preston has helped clients solve legal matters in Murrieta, ranging from personal injury and construction law to assisting clients filing for bankruptcy. The firm is also synonymous with sound legal guidance, especially to clients seeking interpretation of various CA statutes and laws.

As part of the firm strategy to offer clients the best legal counsel and representation, it has concentrated on four practice areas. Clients in South California can now get the best legal representation and counsel in case of injuries. The firm helps clients get the best compensation in all personal injury cases and, more importantly, arrange the best medical treatment.

Whether the client got injured in an automobile, boat, motorcycle, or bicycle accident, Murrieta Attorney helps them get the best representation in the legal process. Personal injuries also consist of dog bites, pedestrian accidents, and other related scenarios resulting in an accident. Since the accidents are unforeseen, the firm starts the legal representation once the client contacts it. However, the firm takes cases that need a new relook, improving the client's chances of getting compensation and better medical treatment.

Besides the personal injuries, the firm has a dedicated department dealing with bankruptcy. First, the Law Office Of Jonathan Preston - Murrieta Bankruptcy Attorney helps clients file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If a client is drowning in debt - especially credit card debt -- the firm allows them to navigate the best ways to handle the financial crises and give them a new financial start.

Apart from assisting clients file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the Law Office Of Jonathan Preston helps clients file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The legal service is unique for clients with many assets but still in debt. Thanks to the firm's experience, the service is perfect in helping reorganize their financial life, especially if they are not ready to sell assets to settle the debts.

For clients with construction projects, the firm offers legal services. The lawyerS help in contractual disputes, and more importantly, they help solve common legal complications that may arise during construction. For example, the firm helps enforce, review contracts and other related services.

Besides the four services, the firm is client-centered. New clients can request a free case evaluation, regardless of their legal needs. The firm also offers legal advice on all its practice areas. Advising clients helps them make better decisions, and more importantly, avoid more problems, especially in cases where there are other parties and governmental entities involved.

Interested clients can contact the law firm at (951) 461-2500 to talk to a representative. They can also write to the Law Office Of Jonathan Preston through For physical consultations, potential clients can visit the offices at 24885 Whitewood Road Ste 104, Murrieta, CA, 92563. Check the firm's website for more information.