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Irvine, CA - Criminal charges can have a lasting impact on the defendant's life, even if they are ultimately cleared of the charges. A criminal record can limit their employment opportunities, housing options, and negatively affect their reputation. Those who are convicted of a crime could be facing significant fines, jail time, or even probation. Therefore, it is important that they have an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side. An experienced attorney will know how to challenge the prosecution's case and build a strong defense on their behalf.

Law Office of Diane C. Bass has been defending the rights of those accused of crimes in California for over 20 years. The lead attorney, Diane C. Bass, is a seasoned professional who knows the ins and outs of the state and federal criminal defense justice system. She is known for her aggressive and tenacious advocacy and has a proven track record of success in defending her clients against criminal charges.

"As a criminal defense attorney for over 26 years, I have handled a wide variety of cases, ranging from white-collar crimes, fraud, conspiracy to drug charges. I have experience representing clients in both billion-dollar cases and small-time criminal charges. What makes me different is my passion for justice and my compassionate care for my clients. I believe it is not my position to judge you, but to get to know you and your background so as to understand your current situation. I aim to give you the best possible representation for the most reasonable outcome in your case."

The firm's experience in handling domestic violence cases has been particularly beneficial to its clients. Diane C. Bass understands the unique dynamics of these cases and is familiar with the laws that apply to them in California. Her compassionate and knowledgeable approach has helped many of her clients who have been accused of domestic violence to achieve the best possible outcome in their case. Moreover, domestic violence lawyers Irvine have a strong commitment to helping clients expunge their criminal records so that they can move on with their lives.

Having handled thousands of cases in state and federal courts, the Law Office of Diane C. Bass is prepared to take on any type of criminal case. Whether their clients are facing charges for drug crimes, sex crimes, theft, weapons offenses, embezzlement, money laundering, or any other type of crime, the firm will provide them with the aggressive and experienced representation they need to protect their rights.

The firm offers free one-hour consultation to all potential clients to discuss their cases and determine the best cause of action. They have an easy appointment scheduling process that can be done by telephone, online, and in-person.

Law Office of Diane C. Bass is located at 5440 Trabuco Rd, Suite A4, Irvine, California, 92620, US. Interested persons can contact their team at (949) 494-7011. For more information regarding criminal defense, visit the firm's website.

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