Lake Management Inc has Extensive Golden Algae Control Services for Lakes and Large Ponds in Southern CA

Norco, CA - Lake Management Inc, a lake maintenance and wetland management company, treats residential and commercial water features. Founded in 1976, the company has been instrumental in ensuring that all clients get a professional aquatic experience for more than four decades.

Since its inception, Lake Management Inc has operated on the skills, knowledge, and expertise of a team of qualified and experienced professionals who are passionate about ensuring that all water features are safe for fish, wildlife, plants, and human life. They have also worked with corporate clientele including, apartments, HOAs, cemetery ponds, backyard koi ponds, lake services, and aquatic centers in Norco, Fontana, Corona, Pomona, Orange County, and other surrounding areas on the West Coast.

Lake Management Inc offers custom control and removal plans for toxic algae, invasive species, and lake vegetation for residential and commercial water features. Their specialty includes the management of Harmful Algae Blooms (HAB) for algae that grow out of control either due to weather conditions, available nutrients, a disturbance in the ecosystem, or an influx of bacteria. Lake Management Inc also focuses on the management of invasive aquatic plants that are brought by non-native species of wildlife or boats.

Floating, submerged, or emergent aquatic plants on lakes and koi ponds can grow to be a health hazard if not managed early enough. Lake Management Inc steps in to create tailored solutions for each client depending on their needs and the types of aquatic weeds. The team does this by identifying the weeds or vegetation in the water features and recommending lake management services that resolve the issue.

The control and removal plans used at Lake Management Inc have koi pond, lake vegetation control, and backyard fountain maintenance options. The team plants wildflowers, water lilies, or other aquatic plants to regulate the biology of a water feature and add natural filtration that detoxifies chemicals. With the knowledge that removing floating, blue-green, and golden algae is difficult, Lake Management Inc offers alternatives to physical or mechanical methods of algae control. According to the company, the fastest way to remove toxic algae is by replacing the water with clean water free of an algae bloom. For large water features, the team uses non-toxic dyes that reduce the amount of sunlight penetration or safe herbicide.

Lake Management Inc also provides mechanical, chemical, and biological invasive weed control options based on the type of water feature, the extent of aquatic growth, its surroundings, and what's contained in them. Additionally, the Norco lake management company offers lake grass management, aquatic cattail, and phragmites removal services.

To get an aquatic management quote from Lake Management Inc, call (951) 421-1493. They are located at 2420 River Rd Suite 230-913, Norco, California, 92860, US. For any inquiries about the services they offer, visit their website.