JAN-PRO of Midwest, a Commercial Cleaning Company in Overland Park, KS, Offers Users Online Access and Control to its Services

Overland Park, KS - JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting provides its clients, especially company managers and supervisors, access to an online portal that is part of its strategies for improving their service experience. The online systems will allow the users to access reports, schedule cleaning, and communicate with the coordinators. With the user-friendly online system, the company aims to offer clients control over the entire cleaning process in their organizations.

JAN-PRO of Midwest is part of JAN-PRO Cleaning and Disinfecting, an internationally recognized commercial cleaning and sanitation brand with over 8,000 franchisees in 9 countries. The franchise owner envisioned the cleaning services as trustworthy, reliable, and excellent while complying with the Joint Commission, OSHA, CDC, and AORN standards.

JAN-PRO of Midwest subjects its staff to JAN-PRO's Signature Clean(R) process, a certificate program that requires five weeks of training and testing. This program ensures that the specialists meet the highest standards expected in the commercial cleaning and sanitation industry. They are also required to wear easy-to-identify uniforms while cleaning their clients' premises. Moreover, the company tracks its team cleaning with JAN-PRO Tracker(R) on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to establish its efficiency and effectiveness in cleaning for improved customer satisfaction.

The certified franchisees use patented cleaning systems, such as EnviroShield(R) and MedMetrix(R). The former cleaning solution eradicates 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and common viruses, such as cold and flu. While offering office cleaning services, JAN-PRO of Midwest's certified franchisees out for hard to disinfect areas, such as doorknobs, carpets, and keyboards. On the other hand, the MedMetrix(R) cleaning system is approved to be used in health care facilities to remove bacteria and viruses on the air and surface and is safe for the mouth, eyes, and skin.

"Every cleaning company promises great service- but JAN-PRO Cleaning and Disinfecting guarantees it. All routine cleans are completed on time. Any service issues are resolved within one business day. Cleaning franchisees offer a complimentary cleaning if it falls short on these promises. When it is all said and done, JAN-PRO Cleaning and Disinfecting tell you what they do, do what they say, and mean it- Every Time." Note the company's representative.

The Overland Park commercial cleaning services are convenient for various industries, including business offices, fitness centers, medical facilities, religious facilities, government, dealerships, daycare centers and preschools, industrial and manufacturing, retails, banks, and financial institutions, and schools and universities.

JAN-PRO of Midwest is located at 6500 W 110th St Suite 104, Overland Park, KS, 66211, US. Visit the company's website for a free estimate, or call them at 913-469-4060 for an appointment or learn more about their commercial cleaning services.