Holmes Hose Offers a Range of Food-Grade and Liquid Hoses for any Industry

Cheshire, UK - Holmes Hose was established in 1980 and has since expanded to become one of the leading and trusted manufacturers and suppliers of custom hoses and fittings to businesses across various industries. They specialize in addressing the needs of clients and customers, particularly those in the mining, industrial, micro-brewery, agricultural, and food industries. The company maintains the highest quality standards and follows a definitive guide to ensure overall client satisfaction.

Holmes Hose understands the importance of quality when supplying Industrial Hose to clients, especially those in the food industry. They evaluate all of the important considerations, including the machinery used to complete the process. In manufacturing food-grade hoses, the company follows strict health and safety regulations to prevent contaminations that can affect the food product and the end consumer. They also pay attention to specific properties like the hose's flexibility, durability, and resistance to odor to ensure overall client satisfaction. All food-grade hoses offered by the company are adequately flexible to meet the client's food production needs while also being durable to withstand the general wear and tear of use.

Expanding to serve more than the food industry, Holmes Hose takes pride in providing other different types of hoses, including chemical transfer hoses suitable for transferring a huge variety of industrial chemicals. Their chemical transfer hoses are perfect for suctioning surface pressure and gravity flow while also providing the necessary flexibility and durability in the face of harmful chemicals. Those in need of petroleum transfer hoses for transferring petroleum, gas, oil, and other similar solvents can also explore the different options offered. Holmes can supply these heavy-duty tubes to meet clients' custom needs in the agricultural industries, construction sites, factories, railroads, mines, quarries, etc.

Their line of products includes steam hoses used for steam services like pressure washing, heat control, steam cleaning, pumping, chemical plants, fire prevention, and refineries. They also include Water hoses used in homes and various industries; air hoses used for air service, compressor lines, pneumatic tools, low-pressure spray, and more; and abrasive material hoses for heavy-duty needs. Get in touch with them to explore the wide range of products offered via their website. Holmes Hose is located at Moston Road, Sandbach, Cheshire CW11 3HL, UK, and can be reached via phone at 01270 753331 for inquiries and order placements.