Fast Florida Simple Divorce Provides Uncontested Divorce Services in Florida

Naples, FL - The process of divorce though necessary, requires visiting courts, meeting with divorce attorneys, and a lot of paperwork that can be frustrating for couples. Fast Florida Simple Divorce offers online divorce, a straightforward alternative for couples in Florida contemplating filing for divorce.

Fast Florida Simple Divorce is headquartered in Naples, Florida, and is run by a qualified and experienced Florida Bar licensed attorney passionate about easing the process of divorce. Since its inception, the online divorce firm has provided inexpensive, quick, and stress-free services for couples going through an uncontested divorce. Using the services offered at the firm saves clients time, money, and other resources required to resolve divorce issues.

The biggest advantage of choosing Fast Florida Simple Divorce is having the Florida attorney prepare the paperwork instead of a staff member or a paralegal. The attorney has also limited their services to handle uncontested divorces and the documentation required for it. This means that clients can get their dissolution without ever going to court or going through the frustration that comes with divorce law.

Couples going through an uncontested divorce can rely on Fast Florida Simple Divorce. The firm offers this option for clients that have no children, property, or debt. To qualify for the service, both parties need to be in agreement and be willing to sign/notarize documents. Once the documents have been completed and the clients pay their filing fee, the attorney files the documents for them, taking away the need for court appearances. For personalized services, the attorney conducts extensive consultations to determine the needs of each client to come up with a custom action plan for documentation purposes or other legal requirements.

Fast Florida Simple Divorce also focuses on uncontested divorce with debt/property. This service is for couples with no children but have marital debt/property and are going through a divorce. To qualify for this service, both parties have to agree on how they would like to handle the debt/property to advise the attorney about their decision.

To get started, clients need to answer a series of questions on the firm's qualification form to determine if they're eligible for the service. The next step involves getting an agreement from the spouse before completing a questionnaire and submitting their initial payment. Once the attorney prepares the divorce documents, the client can print the documents and have them signed/notarized.

Next, they have to return the document and pay the mandated clerk's filing fee for the attorney to handle all the court processes. After 30-45 days, the divorce is finalized and both parties get mailed a copy of the signed final judgment.

While Fast Florida Simple Divorce is an online firm, the attorney is available for calls to answer questions, address concerns, or offer support when needed. To enjoy these services, visit the firm's website to determine eligibility. The law firm is located in Florida, 33166, US. For any additional inquiries, call 844-765-3373.

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