Family Medicine and Wellness is the Premium Practice for Preventive Care in Troy, MI

Years of Experience Serving Families in Troy, MI, and Its Surroundings

Troy, MI - Family Medicine and Wellness has been serving families in Troy, MI for many years, under the vision of empowering patients to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. This practice has become a favorite of many families; thanks to the professionalism and integrity of Dr. Al-Misky. She is a leading family medicine physician with an extensive and impeccable career, dedicated to helping patients of all ages address their needs.

Dr. Al-Misky had wanted to be a physician since she was a child and followed in her father's footsteps to become a family physician. Now she is one of the highest-rated in her field with several awards, most recently a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice, for her devotion and service to the community and the field of medicine.

"At Family Medicine and Wellness, the team believes that health and wellness are paramount, which is achieved through a personalized patient-physician relationship. Dr. Al-Misky believes in a strong, trusting, and confidential patient relationship and is committed to effective communication and shared decision making." Said the spokesperson for Family Medicine and Wellness regarding Dr. Al-Misky's practice philosophy and approach.

Family Medicine and Wellness focuses on helping patients prevent health problems through annual health screenings and preventive exams to improve patients' quality of life. The office is fully equipped to perform a comprehensive medical history and physical exams, blood testing, visual testing, cancer screening, sports physical exams, medical wellness exams, etc.

A Full Services Practice for All Patients' Needs

While Dr. Al-Misky's primary focus is helping patients prevent health problems, she also specializes in treating a full spectrum of acute and chronic conditions. These conditions include upper respiratory infections, low back pain, conjunctivitis, hypertension, stable heart disease, asthma, rashes, cough, and allergies. This full-service practice also offers mental health treatment for depression and anxiety, gym health and exams, minor urgent care issues, immunization for Tdap, etc.

The office offers assistance for minor urgent care issues such as, wound care, minor orthopedic injury, splint application/care, simple laceration repair, etc. For medical emergency treatment, Family Medicine and Wellness strongly recommends calling 911 or going to the nearest ER.

Contact Information

Family Medicine and Wellness is located at 1579 W Big Beaver Rd STE B5, Troy, MI 48084. Contact the staff via phone at (248) 759-0993. To learn more about their services or to check office hours, visit the website.