E.A. Buck Accounting & Tax Services is Offering Exclusive Accounting Services in Denver, CO

Denver, CO: E.A. Buck Accounting & Tax Services offers accounting services to businesses and individuals in Denver. One of the services provided by the team is tax preparations, available to businesses and individuals. The professionals handle tax-related concerns like individual income tax, corporate tax returns, small business tax returns, and partnership tax return preparations. Other services include state tax returns (in the applicable US states) and no-resident tax returns.

The firm also assists clients in amending return preparations and delinquent return preparations, therefore avoiding IRS penalties. For clients interested in a professional assessment of self-prepared returns or tax prepared outside, the firm offers a free review. It also provides other tax-related services, such as assisting clients in pre-tax healthcare spending accounts. With the guidance, the clients can set aside pre-tax money and, as a result, save money in the long run and avoid rows with the IRS.

E.A. Buck Accounting & Tax Services offers professional payroll management services at competitive prices. The team assists small and medium businesses in handling payroll needs such as direct deposits, insurance holdings, garnishments, payroll tax calculations, and 401-K contributions. To assist the S-corporation owners in complying with the set regulations, the firm assists them in creating payroll plans.

Home offices, self-employed, small, and medium-sized businesses can also benefit from the company's extensive experience in bookkeeping. The professionals handle the client's time-consuming tasks such as preparing checks, processing suppliers' invoices, submitting payroll deductions, and other administrative-related tasks. In addition to saving money by not hiring an in-house staff, the client pays attention to growing their businesses without compromising data security or business continuity.

E.A. Buck Accounting & Tax Services also offer tax resolution services to individuals and businesses, assisting them in finding permanent relief on their back-tax burden. Thanks to the professionals' experience working with the IRS, they explore the available options before negotiating on the client's behalf. One of the options is negotiating for better installment agreements with the IRS, ensuring the client gets an extended timeframe to pay the taxes they owe.

Besides, the firm negotiates for penalty abatements on the client's behalf, requesting partial or complete removal of the tax penalty. Considering they must have a reasonable cause, the team assists them in navigating the process and convincing the agency that the client deserves qualifies for the abatement. If the individual or business cannot pay in full, the firm assists them in negotiating for an offer in compromise with the agency. You can learn more about E.A. Buck Accounting & Tax Services on the firm's social media platforms.

Clients interested in accounting services can contact the team at 720-484-6683. E.A. Buck Accounting & Tax Services is located at 4600 S Syracuse St., Suite #650, Denver, Colorado, 80237, US. Visit the website for more information.

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