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Dennis W. Potts Attorney at Law, Honolulu Auto Accident Attorney

Honolulu, HI - Despite the appeal of comfort, serenity, and calmness of Hawaii, tourists, vacationers, and residents get involved in auto accidents that may lead to catastrophic injuries and extensive medical bills. While the state has taken proactive steps to combat auto accidents, individuals still get hurt, requiring the services of an experienced auto accident attorney such as Dennis W. Potts Attorney at Law, to pursue claims against at-fault parties.

Dennis W. Potts Attorney at Law is led by Dennis W. Potts, a highly qualified and experienced personal injury attorney who has offered legal assistance and diligent representation for more than four decades. With previous experience in California and Hawaii courts, he's skilled and knowledgeable in personal injury and auto accident law, an approach that has earned him a seat in different memberships.

Auto accidents vary in terms of the injuries that a client has sustained, their compensatory needs, future medical needs, their ability to work, the type of damages, and the responsibility of at-fault parties. With this in mind, the attorneys at Dennis W. Potts Attorney at Law create a personalized action plan to use in or out of court after conducting extensive consultations and in-depth investigations.

Services offered at Dennis W. Potts Attorney at Law

The leading causes of accidents in the state include speeding, distracted driving, and intoxicated drivers that cause a range of injuries to the victims including, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, amputations, burns, traumatic brain injuries, and more. For this reason, Dennis W. Potts Attorney at Law, pursues claims against insurance companies, large corporations, and other at-fault parties to take care of their medical care or compensate them for their injuries.

Even though DUI accidents and fatal car accidents are criminal in nature, many victims prefer civil lawsuits to pursue compensation. The accident attorney clarifies the legal options a client has and goes after the intoxicated or at-fault drivers to seek compensation for wrongful death, medical expenses, extensive property damage, replacement income for lost wages, treatment costs, rehabilitation expenses, and emotional trauma.

Dennis W. Potts Attorney at Law, also represents clients who have been involved in bicycle accidents due to intersection collisions, failure to yield, lack of adequate space between vehicles and bicycles on the roadways, stop sign incidents, and red light accidents. Victims of pedestrian accidents can also rely on the Honolulu auto accident attorney to help them get back on track.

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Clients seeking to file for claims with Dennis W. Potts Attorney at Law auto accident attorney, can call (808) 537-4575 to schedule a free consultation. They are located at 841 Bishop St #1628, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813, USA. For any inquiries about the services they provide, visit the attorney's website.