Cowboy Country Criminal Defense is Offering Exclusive Criminal Defense Attorney Services in Casper, WY

Casper, WY: Cowboy Country Criminal Defense offers exclusive legal representation to clients charged with different criminal charges. One of the firm's practice areas is assisting persons charged with DUI/DWI in building a solid defense against the accusation and potentially avoiding the harsh penalties such as losing their license. Thanks to their good relationship with the courts, they also handle the processes like following up on the court dates.

To convince the court that even though the client was driving under the influence, they had a good reason to do so, the attorney uses different affirmative defenses. For instance, they can argue that the client was driving someone to the hospital for an emergency or their drinks were spiked by someone else. The defense strategy may also try to question the accuracy of the breather and claim the office did not have probable cause to stop them. With the spirited defense, the client has a chance to secure their freedom and avoid losing their license.

The criminal defense attorney Casper WY also represents clients charged or in the process of getting accused of theft. The attorneys first offer a free consultation before building a solid defense to fight the accusations. Based on the nature of the charges, the attorney comes up with a range of defense strategies, such as requesting the prosecutor to prove that the accused was in their right mental state when they exerted control over the property in question. With a spirited fight, the attorney increases the chances of acquittal or dismissal.

Clients charged with possession of illegal drugs can also get a representation from Cowboy Country Criminal Defense. Like most criminal charges, the penalties for drug-related charges are harsh, with long-term ramifications on their life, such as missing opportunities, even after serving their jail term. Thanks to the realization and the magnitude of the charges, the team develops a strong defense. Luckily, the judge may place them on probation if they do not have previous felony convictions, or the attorney may work for a plea bargain with the prosecution.

Besides, the law firm provides defense services to clients charged with assault and battery. To ensure the case is dismissed, the firm reviews all the documentation, such as police reports, medical records, and forensic reports to create a defense approach. They also question the state's witnesses and call credible witnesses to verify their side of the story to protect the client's interests. If the other party initiated the confrontation, the team will point it out in defense and, as a result, paint the client as a victim.

Cowboy Country Criminal Defense is located at 123 South Beech Street, Casper, WY, 82601. Visit the law firm's website for more information. Clients interested in defense attorney services can contact the team at (307) 333-7884.

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