Copperhead Tattoo & Piercing is Operated by Distinguished, Top-Rated Tattoo Artists in Austin, Texas

Austin, TX - Copperhead Tattoo & Piercing is home to some of Austin's best and top-rated tattoo artists. The artists are passionate about the craft and have their own unique style, which gives clients a variety to choose from.

The company has created a portfolio of its top artists, enabling clients to choose the perfect artist for their next or new piece and evaluate the right style appropriate for their specific needs. They can also visit the artist's profiles on Instagram, where they showcase detailed tattoos and piercings and use real pictures to make a final decision.

After evaluating and finding the perfect fit, they reach out to the tattoo artists for further information and booking. After the procedure, the company provides a hard copy of the aftercare instructions. This helps clients heal right and also keep the tattoos healthy.

The company uses ink distributed by reputable manufacturers in the US for clients' safety. All their links are safe and ensure sterilizations since they have an alcohol component. Other ingredients besides alcohol include water and pigment.

The company spokesperson had this to say about their quality, "We are aware of substandard ink that can lead to serious side effects. We, therefore, take our time scrutinizing products to ensure our clients enjoy the best quality and the safest products in the industry. We do not recycle or reuse remaining or leftover ink used in a different application process."

Copperhead Tattoo & Piercing has a variety of services, including color realism, pointillism, black work, neo traditional, and black and grey realism. They use three key techniques and styles to ensure the best results. Black and grey shading uses black ink and other techniques to create varying tones and depth. Lining entails drawing the outline of the tattoo's design on the skin then applying a strong and insistent outline to preserve the integrity of the tattoo.

On the other hand, coloring consists of color application on the tattoo to achieve different visual effects and styles. Though the colored tattoos may be beautiful to the eye, the Austin tattoo artists advise that they consume a lot of time since the color has to saturate the skin. They are also prone to fading due to UV rays, and clients are advised to use sunscreen in case of prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Besides tattoos, the company also offers one of the safest and cleanest body piercing services. Their professional piercing artists are properly trained and fully compliant with the Texas Department of State Health Services and the DSHS. Their accompanying jewelry is certified by ASTM international, meaning it's tested and made with the best quality suitable for long-term wear and healing.

Copperhead Tattoo & Piercing is located at 10620 Burnet Rd, Austin, Texas, 78758, US. Clients can call the company at (512) 580-1877 or check their website for more information on their services.

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