Connecticut Bail Bonds Group Bail Bonds for Reliable and Efficient Bonds in New Haven

New Haven, CT - Connecticut Bail Bonds Group has been helping clients in and around New Haven to post bail and avoid having to spend time in jail. In recognition that arrests can occur any time of the day or night, their services are always available any day of the week to avoid inconveniencing their clients. All the client needs to do is make a phone call, and a bail bondsman will be on their way to meet them and bail them out. Some of the services offered by the company include but are not limited to; computer crime bail bonds, assault, disorderly conduct, felony, drug crime, DUI, domestic violence, sex crime, immigration, white-collar, and weapons violation bail bonds.

The steps required to get New Haven Bail Bonds Group to bail a client out are simple and straightforward. Designed purposefully with client convenience in mind, the process from start to finish takes a short time to ensure that their clients spend the least amount of time possible behind bars.

A phone call - Once an arrest is made, the client needs to call the Bail Bonds Service as soon as possible to get a bondsman on the way to their location without wasting time. Often, the call is placed after the bond is set, although sometimes, some clients make the call before setting the bond amount. The call will entail giving certain important information about the client, such as name, age, jail location, and charges. A visit from a bonds agent - Following the call, the bail bondsman is immediately dispatched to the said location. If the bail is not set on the arrival of the agent, the agent helps the client through the process of facilitating the setting of a bond amount. Once this is done, the client then agrees with the agent regarding financing the bond. For instance, a deal about the acceptable payment methods and collateral for the financing is struck. Payment settlement - The bonds agent then facilitates the swift settlement of the amount of the agreed-upon bond. All the necessary paperwork is filled and filed at this stage, and the agent handles the bulk of it. The client only needs to append their signatures, and then they are free to go home. Release of the client - After everything is settled, the client is free to go home and wait for the day they are arraigned in court. The bonds process is complete after the case begins and the client shows up. When the client shows up in court, the bond is exonerated irrespective of the case's outcome.

For more information, Connecticut Bail Bonds Group can be contacted via their website or telephone at (203) 663-3338. They are located at 171 Orange St. 3rd Floor, New Haven, CT, 06510.