Center for Vascular Medicine - Greenbelt is a Premier Greenbelt Vascular Surgeon

Greenbelt, MD - Center for Vascular Medicine - Greenbelt focuses on diagnosing and treating venous and arterial diseases of the lower extremities. The clinic is passionate about all patients and is committed to treating them with respect, care, and compassion. This approach has enabled them to create lasting relationships with the communities of Greenbelt and surrounding areas in Maryland.

The Greenbelt vascular surgeon comprises a team of dedicated physicians on the mission of monitoring/preventing vascular diseases and providing long-term treatment to help patients get back to health with short recovery times, less pain, and more comfortable treatment options. They perform minimally invasive vascular procedures at their in/outpatient treatment centers that are equipped with modern diagnostic/interventional medical technology, advanced equipment, and comfortable amenities.

Center for Vascular Medicine - Greenbelt is under the leadership of Dr. Sanjiv Lakhanpal and Dr. Vinay Satwah, two highly qualified vascular surgeons with more than 35 years of combined experience. Together with the team, they're dedicated to treating vascular conditions in the pelvic area, legs, and feet. They're trained to offer treatment for venous/arterial disorders that cause ankle swelling, chronic pelvic pain, feet ulcers/swelling/discoloration, leg pain/edema/ulcers/discoloration, poor circulation, restless legs, and blood clots in the legs. They also offer education on the common causes of vascular disorders, the most appropriate treatment options, home remedies, and preventative care procedures during a treatment session.

To begin treatment, the physicians conduct a non-invasive Pelvic Ultrasound exam, similar to a pregnancy sonogram to assess narrowing veins, measure blood flow, and look for any venous insufficiency in the legs or pelvic region. With this information, along with a detailed look at medical history the physician can suggest to proceed with a venogram to view the blood flow in the major veins and IVUS (Intravascular Ultrasound) to view the inside of the vein for any obstruction. An embolization procedure may be completed in some circumstances, this a minimally-invasive procedure that stops blood flow to the vein. This procedure controls/prevents abnormal bleeding, cuts off blood supply to a tumor, deals with aneurysms, corrects abnormal connections between veins/arteries, and decreases the size of tangles/non-straight veins to reduce pain/swelling. Additionally, during the venous procedures, a venous stent may be placed to open the vein and increase blood flow to the region.

To continuously provide quality healthcare, the physicians take part in active vascular research to find the most suitable solutions for patients suffering from deep vein thrombosis, pelvic congestion syndrome, May-Thurner syndrome, post-thrombotic syndrome, peripheral arterial disease, and chronic venous insufficiency. They also have well-researched blog posts with topics on reducing leg swelling, treatment of PAD in the legs, reasons for painful period/menstrual cramps, and more.

When a patient visits the Center for Vascular Medicine - Greenbelt, they're greeted by the compassionate team of vascular medicine physicians and support staff to put them at ease. The team then performs comprehensive diagnoses using ultrasonography, ABI technology, venography, and angiography before completing follow-up care/routine preventative evaluations.

To experience an improvement in vascular health, call 301-486-4690 to request an appointment or visit their website. Center for Vascular Medicine - Greenbelt is located at 7300 Hanover Dr #104, Greenbelt, MD, 20770, US.

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